Matan Borenkraout

Matan Borenkraout

Senior Software Engineer@Microsoft

Tel Aviv, Israel

Matan is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, speaker and a tech blog writer. He is a React enthusiast and a Testing Library maintainer who's aiming to understand how things work rather than satisfying on a given API. Matan believes that knowledge is worth nothing if not shared.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • React.js
  • Frontend
  • Redux
  • Software Development Best Practices
  • React Testing Library
  • Open Source Software

Stop testing your implementation details!

In this talk we'll walk down the "implementation details" testing path, see how this path can lead to false confidence and how choosing the "behavior testing" path can lead to real confidence. We'll also see which types of tests we have in our toolbox and what testing strategies are available to us. Lastly, we'll see some tips on how to write better Frontend tests tests from a React Testing Library maintainer.

How COVID pushed me into opensource

In this talk I'll tell my personal story of how 3 quarantines + 3 lockdowns gave me the push I needed to get myself out of the comfort zone and into opensource. We'll cover the basics of how one can start contributing and get into the open source ecosystem and what it takes to be a maintainer of an opensource project.

No technical requirements, 15-20 minutes talk.
First public delivery.

The building blocks behind React Server Components

At the end of 2020, the React core team introduced React Server Components. This feature is groundbreaking, but it’s based on ideas that were already implemented in React way back in 2016. In this talk we’ll cover those features (Concurrent Mode - Time Slicing and Suspense, React Fiber) and understand how they are used as the building blocks of React Server Components.

30-40 Minutes talk.
First public delivery though already delivered some of that content.
Intermediate React talk.

React Reconciler in the Mirror of Time

React Reconciler has seen huge improvements from how it used to work in React v15, all to pave the way for a bit of magic called "Concurrent Features."

In this talk we'll take an example app working in React v15, figure out how React Reconciler used to work and compare it to how it works now in React v18 (Fiber). We'll also see how all that led to Concurrent Features and how Computer Science ties it all together.

Saving the best for last, we'll opt-in to Concurrent mode, implement Concurrent Features and see how this enhances our example app.

Testing Library: everybody uses it, but nobody understands it

Testing is an essential part of software development, but it can be a tricky and time-consuming process. The popular testing-library package is a widely used tool that helps developers write reliable and maintainable frontend tests based on a behavior driven approach, but many users are not fully aware of how it works or why it works the way it does. In this talk, I, as one of the maintainers of the package, give an in-depth look into the testing-library ecosystem, including its structure and foundations. I explain how we built a solution that can be used in every framework, and how you can use it in both Node and browser environments. You will learn how testing-library is designed to encourage good testing practices and how it can help you write more maintainable tests.

Stopping the Copilot FOMO

In the fast-paced realm of technology, the buzz around GitHub Copilot is undeniable. It's the talk of the town, and we can't help but wonder: "What exactly is Copilot, and what magic does it hold?" Join me on this thrilling tech journey as we venture into the heart of Copilot, aiming to calm the FOMO and embrace its boundless possibilities. As a devoted early adopter and open-source maintainer, I'll unveil the essence of Copilot, explore its remarkable features like Copilot Chat and Copilot CLI, and let you in on the secrets that will help you harness its potential effectively. Together, we'll strike the perfect harmony between AI-driven coding and our intrinsic genius, optimizing our development workflow and elevating our coding prowess to new heights.

ReactNext 2023 Sessionize Event

June 2023 Tel Aviv, Israel

Matan Borenkraout

Senior Software Engineer@Microsoft

Tel Aviv, Israel

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