Máté Tóth

Máté Tóth

Certified Power Platform Trainer & Consultant | Low-Code Adoption & Citizen Development | Power Platform User Group Leader | Low-Code Enthusiast

Budapest, Hungary

I'm passionate about exploring new technologies and love tackling challenges. My career journey has been diverse and exciting, ranging from my early days as a cruise ship photographer and conducting radio interviews at music festivals, to now embracing the flexible life of a freelancer.

In 2018, I started my adventure with Power Platform as a citizen developer, creating a solution now used by over 500 people. I lead the Hungary Power Platform User Group since 2022, where we organize community events, meetups, and workshops. I also share my knowledge at conferences, focusing on Power Platform and mentoring.

For me, work-life integration is key. As a freelancer, I blend my professional and personal life seamlessly, enjoying the diversity that each day brings, from varied backgrounds on Teams calls to managing my schedule around my hobbies.

In the professional sphere, I'm all about Power Platform (Apps & Automate), low-code technologies, and citizen development. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I teach others to use these tools effectively in their daily work.

My journey into automation began with a desire to simplify a highly manual task in 2015, leading me to VBA, SAP, Excel, and Outlook automation. I quickly saw results, saving the equivalent work of 2 full-time employees with my scripts. This success spurred my interest further into Power Platform, RPA and Data Visualization to solve monotonous tasks and processes.

When I'm not working or diving into tech, I'm often found traveling, hiking, biking, or SUPing. I'm also active in Toastmasters, honing my public speaking skills. My love for the arts takes me to concerts and theater plays, where I immerse myself in diverse cultural experiences. Recently, I've also been volunteering as a photographer at Bátor Tábor, capturing joyful moments.

In essence, I'm a lifelong learner and innovator, continuously blending my love for technology with my active and culturally rich lifestyle, all while enjoying the freedom of freelance work.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power Platform - Low Code
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Mentoring and Career Development
  • Low Code
  • Citizen Development

Exploring XYZ: harnessing the Acceleration control in Power Apps

This session dives into the practical applications of the Acceleration control, focusing on the XYZ axes in Power Apps. This session is tailored for intermediate-level attendees (Level 200), particularly those involved in developing Canvas Apps. We'll explore how companies can leverage this feature to enhance app functionality and user interaction. The session will include examples of innovative uses of Acceleration Control in various business scenarios, offering insights into how this tool can bring a new dimension to app development.

Hidden Talents to Power Platform: Leveraging diverse skills for citizen development

"Hidden Talents to Power Platform" is an engaging session that explores how individuals can apply their unique, perhaps underutilized skills, like graphic design or a background in teaching, to excel in citizen development using the Power Platform.

Ideal for beginners and intermediate learners (Level 100-200), this session will inspire attendees to recognize and harness their diverse talents in a new context.

Through interactive discussions and real-life examples, participants will learn how seemingly unrelated skills can significantly enhance their approach to developing solutions on the Power Platform, leading to more creative, effective, and user-friendly applications.

Hasznosak a Power Platform képesítések!?

Az elérhetÅ‘ Microsoft Power Platform képesítéseken fogunk végigmenni, átbeszéljük mit és hogyan lehet tanulni, milyenek a vizsgák.

Few things I wish I have known when I started as a Citizen Developer

In this session we are going through some of the mistakes, "mess-ups" that a Citizen Developer could come across and take a look at how to avoid them.

Experts Live Europe 2024 Sessionize Event Upcoming

September 2024 Budapest, Hungary

Máté Tóth

Certified Power Platform Trainer & Consultant | Low-Code Adoption & Citizen Development | Power Platform User Group Leader | Low-Code Enthusiast

Budapest, Hungary

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