Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Senior Developer @ Lullabot


Mateu has been contributing to Drupal for the last 15 years. These include coordinating the API-First initiative for Drupal core, authoring the JSON:API module in core, the Contenta CMS example distribution. More recently he committed to improving the front-end developer experience by working on including Single Directory Components in core.

Beyond Single Directory Components

Single Directory Components landed in core in Drupal 10.1. Since then a vibrant community has emerged around the idea of components in core.

One big concern keeps coming up. "Is there any way to avoid including my components in a template?"

Another question, that not many are asking, is "we almost gave up on contributed and paid themes, can Single Directory Components revive downloaded themes?"

In this session I will catch up the audience with the state of Single Directory Components in core. However, I will spend most of my time answering the questions formulated above.

In this session I will explain:
- What are the challenges being addressed?
- What are the solutions we are proposing?
- Do we want to include these solutions in Drupal core?
- How all this comes together to make downloaded themes useful?

Drupal Initiative Leads Keynote

Drupal’s initiatives form powerful teams that make great things happen. Some self-organize to get new improvements to the base system while others coordinate event organization, spread diversity best practices, collaborate on promotional materials, and so on.

DrupalCon Pittsburg uses a new format, where you can meet the initiative leads for contribution day directly at the beginning of the day.

Hear from key leaders in the community about what they are working on, the challenges they are facing and how you can get involved directly afterward.

Single Directory Components in Core

Twig was introduced into Drupal core over 10 years ago. Since then, improvements to Drupal’s front-end API have been minimal. Meanwhile, other front-end ecosystems have implemented a superior developer experience including hot-reloading, tooling for automation, component libraries, shared component repositories, and more.

Drupal’s front-end has some catching-up to do, and we believe Single Directory Components (SDC) is the answer! SDC lets the developer add all of a component’s assets into one directory (e.g. template, CSS, JavaScript, and metadata). This component can then be automatically used by display modes or called upon from another template.

Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Senior Developer @ Lullabot


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