Mathias Olausson

Mathias Olausson


Mathias Olausson is the CTO and co-founder of Solidify, focusing on cloud native development and engineering practices. With a solid background in software development Mathias helps organizations improve their ways of working and capability to successfully deliver software. Mathias has been named Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2009 for his commitment and knowledge-sharing within the Microsoft DevOps community.

Current sessions

Applied Codespaces

How easy is it to get a new development machine in your org? How quickly can you get to first commit when starting working on a new project? Codespaces is a new service from GitHub aimed to remove the friction we often have in managing our development environments. Wouldn't it be great to have a machine available for every version of the products you support?

In this session we want to share how we have adopted this exciting technology. Of course as tech-savvy individuals we always want to use new, shiny things. Some we find interesting but not so useful, others are gems you want to spend time using. Codespaces have that special quality and we're seeing lots of opportunities in Codespaces to always have a new development environment that is always up to date.

In this practical session we'll go through what and then cover how we've adopted Codespace, including:

• Enabling Codespace in your organization
• Configuring your project for Codespaces
• Developing with Codespaces
• Customize your Codespace environment

Continuous Delivery with Azure Pipelines

In this session you will learn how to go from code to production (and back again) by applying good continuous delivery practices.

We will look at a modern application, package it and deploy to test and production environments. To speed this up, and at the same time quality assure the release, we will use techniques such as trunk-based development, feature toggles, dynamic infrastructure and automated testing.

Our CI/CD solution is implemented using Azure DevOps and Azure Pipelines (formerly know as VSTS), an incredibly flexible platform where we can build applications in any language and deploy to any environment.

Do you have a Go application and want to deploy to Kubernetes? Are you curious what Yaml pipelines are or what release gates can be used for? Or do you simply just want to learn how to take Continuous Delivery to the next level? Then this is the session for you!

Applied DevOps for modern apps with containers and cloud

In this workshop you will learn how to build, deploy and test modern microservice applications using Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS), containers and Azure services.

The first half of the workshop will focus on how we can use containers to streamline the development and release process. You will learn fundamental concepts of container-based deployment as well as how to use infrastructure in Azure to host the containers in kubernetes.

In the second part of the workshop we shift focus and look at how we can orchestrate the release process. We will look at deployment to Azure in general as well as how to deploy containers using Azure DevOps pipelines. We will also dive into other important aspects of DevOps release management, including automated testing and telemetry.

Continuous Delivery med Azure DevOps Pipelines

I denna session får du lära dig hur du går från kod till produktion (och tillbaka igen) genom att tillämpa goda principer inom continuous delivery.

Vi kommer att ta en modern applikation, paketera och publisera den till miljöer för test och produktion. För att snabba upp och samtidigt kvalitetssäkra en release så använder vi tekniker som trunk-based development, dynamisk infrastruktur, automatiserad testning, feature toggles och telemetri.

Vår CI/CD lösning implementerar vi med hjälp av nya Azure DevOps Pipelines (tidigare VSTS build/release), en otroligt flexibel plattform där vi kan bygga applikationer i valfritt språk och deploya till alla tänkbara miljöer.

Har du en Go applikation och vill deploya den till kubernetes? Undrar du vad yaml är eller vad release gates kan användas till? Eller vill du bara lära dig hur du kan ta Continuous Delivery till nästa nivå? Då är detta sessionen för dig!

Past and future events

Microsoft TechDays 2019

22 Oct 2019 - 24 Oct 2019
Kista, Stockholm, Sweden

Microsoft TechDays 2018

24 Oct 2018 - 25 Oct 2018
Kista, Stockholm, Sweden