Mats Estensen

Mats Estensen

Principal Cloud & DevOps Architect @ Devoteam M Cloud

Oslo, Norway

Cloud and DevOps Architect and consultant working at Devoteam M Cloud (previously Devoteam Cloudify) in Oslo, Norway.

Mats specializes in building services on public cloud platforms and enabling platform teams. He has a deep interest for cloud architecture, technology enablement, programming and automation, DevOps methodologies and solving interesting problems together with great people.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • DevOps
  • Architecture
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Cloud Native Infrastructure
  • cloud networking
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Security
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Microsoft Azure
  • PowerShell
  • Azure Bicep
  • GitHub
  • Developer Tools

Securing GitHub Actions for Azure with OpenID Connect​

This article will give an introduction to and guide you through what OpenID Connect can offer to harden the security of your GitHub Actions workflows that deploys to your Azure​ environment. A public companion repository will follow the blog post.

With the latest innovations within Azure Identity and GitHub we can remove the need for managing service principals and their secrets - and at the same time configure our Azure environments and Github Actions configuration to increase security and minimize management overhead.

This session is suitable for cloud and automation engineers at any level with an interest in topics like infrastructure-as-code, security, automation, CI/CD pipelines and identity management.​

Deciphering Azure Private Endpoints​

Bringing Azure services into your own network? Confused about the different connectivity patterns in cloud?​

This session will highlight what private endpoints can offer for securing private connectivity in Azure and do a deep dive into its features. We will discuss some common misconceptions and pitfalls seen in larger Azure environments when using private endpoints - and provide guidance on what to do to get it right.​

This session is suitable for engineers and architects with experience in Azure, networking and security.​

NIC Cloud Connect 2023

November 2023 Oslo, Norway

Azure Back to School 2023

September 2023

ACE GitOps - Automate your Azure cloud platform

ACE GitOps automates your Azure deployments with GitHub and GitHub Actions. Learn how Accelerated Cloud Enabled (ACE) by Devoteam M Cloud will help you automate your cloud journey in Azure.

Breakfast seminar with Devoteam and Microsoft Norway.

January 2023 Oslo, Norway

Mats Estensen

Principal Cloud & DevOps Architect @ Devoteam M Cloud

Oslo, Norway