Matt Collins-Jones

Matt Collins-Jones

Capgemini, Senior Solution Architect Power Platform

Warrington, United Kingdom

A Power Platform enthusiast, Microsoft Biz Apps MVP and avid computer gamer. Matt has over 10 years experience working with D365 and the Power Platform. Constantly learning and training people, Matt started a YouTube channel and blog to help share his knowledge with the community.



  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • Power Virtual Agents
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Dataverse

Environment Variables - A useful tool for ALM deployments

Environment variables are a great tool for use with your ALM processes. They can be used and moved between environments allowing for great flexibility when deploying Cloud Flows and Power Apps.

This session will cover how to get started with Environment Variables, how they can be used with Cloud Flows, advanced techniques and how to support a healthy ALM Process.

Word Templates - Building, Automation and Branding

Word templates are a great tool if you can harness their power. Use them to add value to your business, emphasize your brand and empower users.

Supercharging your Power Automate Flows with Microsoft Azure

You can already do lots of amazing things with Power Automate flows. But when you start leveraging some of the features available within Microsoft Azure, both citizen and pro developers can easily unlock additional value out of the service. For example, Microsoft Azure allows our flows to run custom code, retrieve files, leverage advanced Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capabilities or manage virtual machines. You can even take a Flow and extend it further with enterprise-grade features, such as endpoint authentication, dedicated capacity or support for advanced Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools. Join us, Joe Griffin and Matt Collins-Jones, as we guide you through some of the things you can do to start supercharging your Flows and do amazing things in the process.

PL-200: So you wanna pass PL-200?

But wow is that a big exam! Yes, PL-200, like it’s predecessor MB-200, is a big exam with lots of areas to cover. Canvas Apps, CDS, Microsoft Teams, Power Virtual Agent, Word & Excel; all of these and more are part of the exam so how on earth are you supposed to pass it?

In this session, we will go through the skills measured, go through how to tackle such a sprawling exam and look at some of the fringe functionality.

Have you replaced all your workflows with Power Automate?

To join, go to: https://bit.ly/2K6wyWI

If not, why not? Power Automate is a great tool and the successor to Classic Workflows. In this session we will go through the differences between the two, taking similar scenarios and comparing them. This session should answer the question of "why you should never build another Classic Workflow?"

Extending D365/Dataverse using The Power Platform

Traditionally, extending D365/Dataverse involved C#, but with the Power Platform, System Admins, Functional Consultants and BA's, can be empowered to extend functionality themselves.

This presentation will go through extending D365/Dataverse using embedded canvas apps, Azure Cognitive services and Power Automate to show what is possible and encouraging people to think differently when it comes to extending functionality.

Do you have time to understand time in Power Automate?

Power Automate can do so much with date and time functions, but knowing the right thing to use and when is key. This session will go through the basics of using date and time functions, navigating the pitfalls and showing some great functionality like calculating the age of a person and sending them emails on their Birthday. This session will leverage Power Automate and the Common Data Service

Can anyone build a bot?

With Project oakdale now in public preview and PVA accessible in teams for free, now is the best time to learn how to build a bot.

In this session, we will go through all you need to know to build a bot using PVA in Microsoft Teams.

API’s – The most powerful tool, anyone can use!

API’s are a powerful tool and using them with the Power Platform can take a good solution, into an incredible solution. You can use API’s to get information from Companies house, update external systems, get images of Cats and much, much more.

In this session, Carl and Matt will go through, what are API’s, how you can use them in the Power Platform and show you there is nothing to be afraid of.

3 A's! Power Apps, Automate and AI

This session will dive into how you can use AI, with Power Automate to give you intelligent data. How you can build a simple Power App to capture data, Automate the AI and create records

Matt Collins-Jones

Capgemini, Senior Solution Architect Power Platform

Warrington, United Kingdom