Mayuri Khinvasara

Information & Communications Technology

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Pune, Maharashtra, India

Mayuri Khinvasara

Lead Android Engineer, Community Leader

She works as a Lead Android Developer at Haiku Jam, She has 10+ years of industry experience and is a community leader, entrepreneur and social worker etc. She has worked with Android for a decade. She has independently developed 3 Android apps with 15000+ downloads. A computer engineer from PICT, Pune, she has worked with Oracle. Globant, Tapntap, etc in Pune, Hyderabad and USA. She also ranks 9th in prestigious University of Pune.

She believes in giving back to the community, and is currently leading Google Developer Group Pune & is a Women Techmakers Ambassador.

Current sessions

Best Practices for Building a mobile SDK

What will we explore ?
We will explore best practices, learn do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while building a mobile sdk. We will learn publishing formats, providing reference apps, FAQ’s , documentations, background jobs, size reduction, transitive dependencies, etc.

Advanced Usage ?
I will try to explain the best known alternatives and commonly used sdk’s and learn what guidelines they follow.

Impact for developers ?
Learning best practices, will widen the developers perspective about building the sdk. This will enable them to expand their reach of sdk as well as ease of integration and support.