- Meligy

Information & Communications Technology

Web Development JavaScript TypeScript Angular React C# ASP.NET ASP.NET Core

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

- Meligy

Readify, gurustop.net, ng-sydney, Angular CLI

Meligy is a consultant and mentor in the web space. He is mostly focused on helping developers using Angular with .NET.

He runs the ng-sydney Angular usergroup, and acts as one of 10 developers worldwide who form the Angular CLI first responders team. You might have seen his avatar in ng-conf!

As a Readify Senior Consultant, Meligy has been working with one of Australia's big 4 banks implement Angular v2+ and the Angular CLI, and ship several projects with them.

Meligy also writes an occasional Angular and web development newsletter, that's read by over 7,000+ developers worldwide.