Micaela Eller

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Micaela Eller

Micaela is Sr Agile Transformation Leader at IBM Watson AI whose motto is "Transforming the world one iteration at a time."

Micaela's dream is to make the world better by building organizational cultures of compassion, kindness and empathy. She is an engaging and adept Storyteller and uses her professional and personal experiences to inspire others with a pragmatic approach to solving problems. She educates, guides, influences and instructs individual leaders and teams on how to get organized and get moving.

Micaela's approach to organizational and Agile transformations is pragmatic and philosophical. She knows that behavior is a reflection of culture and collective thinking and that transformation occurs as a result of the process not as an end goal. Once organizational leaders embrace the process, Micaela is able to use Agile processes to identify which behaviors are leading to desired outcomes and which are not. Culture follows behavior. Agile transformations are effective when the process is used to force and enable teams to communicate, to collaborate, to make hard choices, to 'think' not 'do' and to build a culture of compassion, kindness and empathy.