Michael Benedict

Michael Benedict

Chief Product Officer, Hover

Michael is a self-taught software developer with experience in Ruby, Python, JavaScript and Android. At Hover, he is helping to build a USSD automation API for Android developers.

Michael has worked on technology projects with early stage startups and NGOs including the United Nations Foundation, World Bank and American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He studied Physics a million years ago, and when not coding he enjoys cooking, eating, and eating again.

  thebenedict.com (blog)
  usehover.com (company)

Current sessions

Making USSD-based services more accessible on Android

Services delivered via USSD (unstructured supplementary service data) offer broad reach and nearly universal device compatibility, but often at the expense of a first class user experience. USSD’s text-only interface and time constrained sessions can be especially challenging for users with disabilities or limited literacy and numeracy.

Michael and David will discuss accessibility issues with USSD, both in general and specific to Android. You will learn about options for building more user-friendly interfaces for USSD-based services, including the new UssdResponseCallback in Oreo, and backwards compatible approaches based on Accessibility Services.