Michael Plettner

Information & Communications Technology

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Oberhaching, Bavaria, Germany

Michael Plettner

Microsoft MVP (Office Apps and Services), Lead of the Microsoft Teams User Group Germany, Co-Host "Talk Microsoft 365"

During the last decades Michael was focused on Microsoft Unified Communications projects within small, mid-size and global enterprise companies with up to 400.000 project affected users.
More than 4 years ago Michael founded his own company to help customers within his technical expertise in Microsoft Unified Communication Projects as well as his expertise in User Adoption, Change- and Project-management.
Michael is also one of the organizers of the Microsoft Teams User Group Germany, hosting an onsite event in three cities simultaneously every 2 months and is one of three owners of the Adoption and Change Forum in Munich.
Since 2021, Michael is awarded as Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services.

Current sessions

Vereinfache Deinen Workflow mit Power Automate

Ihr seid froh, dass Ihr endlich Fax als Empfänger für Rechnungen in Eurem Unternehmen abgelöst habt und nun habt ihr dutzende EMails die bei euch unter rechnung@BesteFirma.de ankommen?

In dieser Live-Demo zeige ich euch, wie ihr mit Power Automate einen einfachen Weg findet diesem Chaos Herr zu werden, Eure offenen Rechnungen via Planner und/oder ToDo zu organisieren und euren manuellen Aufwand deutlich zu verringern.

Unleash the power of Teams with Power Virtual Agents

Teams is really the hub of teamwork since we've got multiple apps integrated directly. One of these apps is PVA - Power Virtual Agents.
During this session I will explain and demonstrate how to create some powerful governance rules and raise user adoption as an admin by creating "Power Virtual Agents".

Microsoft Teams Rollout - the good, the bad and the ugly

During the last monthes, we hade multiple customers starting or even using and struggeling with Microsoft Teams usage.
In a joint session we (two experiences Modern Workplace consultants) will talk about our experiences with Microsoft Teams rollouts and all the related aspects.
Not only the technical topics, but also topics like works council, telephony connection, provider and project manager will be our topic in this "Lessons Learned" session.
If you have a special topic to discuss, we're open to hear it during the sessions in an open mic part as well.

Kanban on another level with Microsoft Tasks (aka Planner)

Projects and tasks can be managed easily with a Kanban-Board. This "standard" standard tool for agile project management is available in Microsoft 365 as well, via Planner.
But it's not the tool itself, it's also the integration in other products which makes this tool so powerful.
This session explains the advantages of using Planner and Tasks in Microsoft Teams and how to archive more in your projects, no matter where the people work from.

Microsoft Teams - Connected Channels (Shared Channels)

During the Fall Ignite 2021 a brand new way to collaborate has been announced and recently released in public preview: Shared Channels.
This feature can help you to improve your work with external partners, customers and even in the same company with different teams.
But what exactly is this "shared channels"?
During this session, we will take look into the details to answer the following questions:
- How does it looks like?
- What are the use cases?
- What are the technical requirements?
And we will discuss the main differences between private channels and shared channels.

Microsoft Teams and Telephony – a must have for modern workplace

Modern workplaces and flexible “offices” are important topics and have gained momentum especially during Covid-19. Often the last, missing part in companies to roll out this new way to work is telephony via landline. Usually you’re not able to move the desk phone to your home office, so you’re either not reachable via Office number or you use expensive forwarding settings to your mobile phone. But outgoing calls still don’t present your office number.
Maybe you already use teams to work from home, to chat with colleagues, work together on the projects and tasks. So this session will explain what’s necessary to bring telephony into Microsoft Teams to empower more people to work, where ever they are. This is not only about the technical part like configuring MS Teams in the backend but how to create a positive mindset for the users and help them to use this new technology with enterprise approved adoption concepts.

This session combines technical and user adoption requirements

What's New in Microsoft Teams

We will take a look into the main changes, coming to Microsoft Teams over the last 6 months.
This session will explain the new features itself but also the use cases for these new features and how it can help you to improve your daily work.

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