Michael Ridland

Michael Ridland

Technical Director / Founder @ XAM Consulting

Michael Ridland, Xamarin MVP, Community Blogger and the founder of XAM Consulting. A Xamarin fan since the monotouch days and a even bigger Xamarin.Forms fan since it's release. Michael has been leading Xamarin projects years and delivered enterprise apps of the highest quality in the market. Michael (and his team) are the creators of a few Xamarin.Forms components including the FreshMvvm Framework, SlideOverKit and FreshEssentials. You can find him over at michaelridland.com and twitter.com/rid00z.

Current sessions

Deep Dive into Xamarin.Forms Performance

In this session we’ll dive deep into Xamarin.Forms performance. Some people might say Xamarin.Forms is slow and in the past this might have been true but not anymore. The recent releases of Xamarin.Forms make it a world leading platform for Mobile Development even for consumer facing apps, now you can build apps that are not only beautiful but also very FAST. After this session you’ll have a understand of Xamarin.Forms performance and understand the tricks to building Performant apps with Xamarin.Forms.