Michael Teske

PowerShell Azure Azure IaaS Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform

De Pere, Wisconsin, United States

Michael Teske

Author Evangelist with Pluralsight

Michael Teske specializes as an Azure Cloud author with Pluralsight focusing on automation, DevOps and migrations. Michael has more than 17 years of experience as an infrastructure instructor in secondary education as well as 20+ years as an IT Consultant. You can reach Michael via Twitter (@teskemj) or LinkedIn.

Current sessions

Setting up Source Control (For IT Pros) Using Azure DevOps

Are you avoiding it? Are you avoiding GitHub, Azure DevOps or any type of source control? In this session, we'll break down those barriers and learn how to set up source control with Azure DevOps within Visual Studio...from an IT Pros perspective that is.

Get that App Outta Here...and into Azure App Services

That app over there, sitting in the corner, consuming space in your rack...yeah, you know that app. What if...no hear me out, what if we moved that app into Azure App services along with its database? Well, that's what we'll do in this session. We'll move that app and its database into Azure App services.

Azure Migration, a Trip Beyond the Wall

You've determined your Azure workload readiness and now you've decided to pass the great wall and migrate your first workload to Azure. What lays beyond the wall you ask? Scalability, reliability and more. In this session, we'll cover the play by play of getting that workload into the cloud.

Azure Migration? Don't be Afraid, Let's Assess!

It's big, it's scary, it's Azure? Can you really seamlessly migrate a workload to Azure? Maybe, let's find out the easy way. In this session, we will leverage Azure's free Azure MIgrate service to assess our on-premises VMWare workloads and discover if they are ready for prime time.

Stop being a Wildling in Azure!

You're willing to dip your toes into Azure, however, you don't know where to start, what to do and what clan you should belong to. No worries, in this session, I will lay down the basic tactics of getting up and functioning in Azure without leaving a trail of assets in your wake while consuming your Azure credits.

Become a PowerShell Ninja with the 3 Pillars of PowerShell

Learning PowerShell becomes exponentially easier when you understand how PowerShell has all the answers you need in the three pillars of PowerShell...get-help, get-command, and get-member. With these three commands in your dojo, you're well on your way to becoming a PowerShell ninja!

Turn Your Scripts into Functions

We've all started out in the same wobbly boat. PowerShell ISE up and running with eleventy-nine untitled tabs with a list of one-liners filling those files. Who's got the time to organize or even better yet, functionalize all those scripts. Well, you do! In this session, we'll take those one-liners and start building a toolkit of functions while loading it in our profile and all our tools are at our digital finger-tips.