Michael Bender

Information & Communications Technology

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Michael Bender

Cloud Advocate in Microsoft Azure supporting the Operations community

Michael is a teacher at heart and has a passion for helping people learn the skills necessary to ‘level-up’ their careers. As a Cloud Ops Advocate at Microsoft, he works with the Operations and IT Pro communities to ‘Skill Up’ on Azure, and advocates for these communities in Azure Engineering. Before coming to Microsoft, Michael taught Windows Networking, server virtualization, and PowerShell at Madison Area Technical College for 13 years, along with creating multiple courses on Pluralsight covering Windows Server and PowerShell. Along with teaching, he is passionate about the IT Operations community. For the last eight years, he’s led up a global user group called The Krewe. This group provides a worldwide network for the sharing of ideas and solutions for many in the Operations community. He is active on Twitter @MichaelBender and blogs at itopstalk.com.

Current sessions

It’s PowerShell In the Cloud – Welcome to Azure Cloud Shell

As more organizations move towards the cloud and using Microsoft Azure, there is a need to leverage our existing practices in that environment. That is where Azure Cloud Shell comes in. Azure Cloud Shell provides a CLI for administrators into their Azure subscription resources. Access to Azure Cloud Shell is available through a variety of methods including the Azure Portal and shell.azure.com. Admins can choose their environment: bash or PowerShell.

For this session, the focus will be on using PowerShell through Azure Cloud Shell. It will begin with an introduction to Azure Cloud Shell for an understanding of the platform, uses, features, and limitations. Discussion of Use cases will include locked down admin workstations, rotating devices, and non-Windows device usage. Then we'll dive into working with Azure Cloud Shell from setup to Azure PowerShell to the Cloud Shell editor.

Demos planned include:
-Initial setup including Azure File Storage
-Command discovery
-Installing custom modules from PowerShell Gallery
-Working with Azure PowerShell and the Az module
-Uploading resources to Azure File Storage for use in Azure Cloud Shell
-Using SSH for remoting to VMs
-Working with Git Repos
-Using the Cloud Shell editor (Monaco)

All attendees will leave with the information they need to begin immediately managing Azure subscription resources with Azure Cloud Shell using a personalized interface. Everyone will learn Stuff!

PowerShell Zero to Hero: Get-Command to Advanced Functions

Maybe you are new to PowerShell? We have you covered. Run some scripts but not sure how it works? We have you too. This session is for anyone how wants and needs to know how PowerShell works and to work effectively with it every day, which is basically everybody. You’ll learn how to find answers in the shell, run basic and advanced one-liners, and more. Thought you could never learn how to script? As a bonus, you’ll learn how YOU can take a one-line PowerShell command and make it into a reusable tool. are guaranteed to learn PowerShell tips and trips to be immediately effective.