Michael Bukachi

Michael Bukachi

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Software Engineer at MarketForce360

Just a bit more?

"Flask is just awesome! It does what it does best"

I heard these words from a colleague of mine a while ago. And I couldn't agree more. Flask is great. It's my to go to web framework when developing web applications. It doesn't pack too much but it's easily scalable.

Let's be honest though, aren't there times where you just thought "if only it could do this.." or "I wish it supported ..."?

For this session, we are going to go through Flask's testing support feature. We are going to see what it offers out of the box. We are going to cover some of it's downsides. Finally, we are going to cover a couple of enhancements one can add to make testing smoother and more fun :)

I'm not good enough

The art of not contributing aka "I'm not good enough"

Imagine you have just started your tech career. Your road is full of unlimited possibilities. You are seeing yourself as the next Elon Musk or Grace Hopper, it's just of matter of time.
You are working on you grand "idea". You are having sleepless nights (or not). You are asking questions and gaining knowledge. Things are going great. Just great.

Time passes and you've gathered quite a bit of skill under your belt. You are confident now; ready to join online forums and "showcase" your skills. You go to stackoverflow and answer a couple of questions. You do the same on telegram/whatsapp. You clone a repo, ready to start working on your first pull request.

Feedback starts coming in. All your answers have been downvoted on stackoverflow. No one is responding to your answers on telegram/whatsapp. You've just looked at the code and you can't figure out what you need to do. Then it hits you.
"You aren't good enough"
The answers provided on stackoverflow/telegram/whatsapp superseded yours by miles in terms of depth and quality. You can't understand the code you've cloned because you haven't grasped enough concepts. Your confidence immediately disappears. Your crawl back to your corner. You are suddenly tired and frustrated. You are thinking, "do I really have to do this?"

We have all been here. Those who haven't will be. It's one of those phases in a tech career (or any career) that many people have to go through. For many people, it's a phase which scars them permanently.

For this session, I plan on shedding light on the matter. We will go through the difficulties people face when they try to contribute/help out. We will go through a couple of steps and tricks one can use to overcome these difficulties.

Code Build Ship

DevOps has been a buzzword since a 2008. But how does it apply to Android development?

A Small Leak Can Crash A Great App

Memory Leaks :(
As android engineers, this is a problem we face or are likely to face during the lifetime of our career. Debugging this kind of issue kind be quite tedious and frustrating. Without proper knowledge of what to look for, finding the root cause of such issues is really difficult.

For this session, we are going to tackle memory leaks head on.
We are going to go through the various causes of these memory leaks and how to handle each one. We are also going to take a look at various tools that you can use to pinpoint leaks so that you can easily fix them.

After this session, leaks will be a thing of the past. Hopefully :)

Michael Bukachi

Teren teren....


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