Michael Costello

Information & Communications Technology

microservices Knative Integration

Austin, Texas, United States

Michael Costello

Red Hat - Architect

Michael Costello is a programmer who has spent the last 2 decades in the industry focused on Enterprise Integration strategies. Once steeped in J2EE and SOA based architectural techniques, Mike spends his time these days swashbuckling with API, MicroService, and Serverless cloud native approaches on container platforms. From yesterday's ESB to today's Distributed Integration techniques, Mike is passionate about delivering high volume, high throughput solutions at scale. While not swashbuckling with containers, and cloud native strategies, Mike can be found kicking around a soccer ball, or gardening in the Austin, Texas area.

Current sessions

Deliver Cloud Native MicroServices with Knative

What does it mean for an application to be cloud native? Does it just mean that the application is delivered into a container platform in the cloud? Does it imply that I have the same old continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools that I've always had? What changes?

In this workshop, we will discuss use of the Knative in Kubernetes and drive creation of, and delivery of a microservice to Kubernetes using Knative. During this exercise, attendees will:
• Create microservices in Kubernetes.
• Create cloud-native CI/CD pipelines.
• Use a cloud-native CI/CD platform.
• Use Knative to enhance visibility.
• Use Knative to make our applications truly cloud-native.