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Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands

Michelle Wong

Microsoft 365 Consultant | MVP Business Applications | PowerAddict | Speaker| Freelancer | 365 Power Consulting Services

Michelle is a Microsoft 365 Consultant and an MVP of Business Applications. She has broad IT experience and has obtained several certificates in the IT sector. Since 2013, Michelle has focused on SharePoint Online and has subsequently deepened and broadened her knowledge of Microsoft 365. Now she can exactly advise for which purpose, which application(s) you can use within the Microsoft 365 suite to fulfill the wishes of the users.
Throughout the years, Michelle has already participated in many Microsoft 365 migration projects and has given many user adoptions training on SharePoint Online, Planner, Forms, and Microsoft Teams.

Michelle is an MVP of Business Applications. In her projects, she integrates the possibilities between Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. She also specializes in Power Automate and Power Apps.
Also, she makes an active contribution to the Power Platform community, is one of the leaders of PowerApps4Kids and participates in various Power Apps and Power Automate User Groups and speaks at conferences and Meetup meetings.

It should be great if I can give any help during events or do something for the community.
I can also give help as a Speaker or as a Volunteer and facilitate before or during events. So please feel free to contact me, it will be a pleasure for me to join.

Current sessions

Power Automate Cloud flows, what is it and what is in it for us?

You have heard a lot of the term 'Power Automate Cloud flows' and would like to discover this.

In this session, I will give you an introduction to Power Automate Cloud flows and how to get started. We will also go through a list of best practices, tips, and tricks to allow you to build more reliable, productive and effective flows.

I will show you some practical demos and use case scenarios that I have built within my projects, and that you can start building your own flow after this session.

How to get started with Power Automate Cloud flows, with tips and tricks and demos.

Microsoft Teams and Power Automate are Rocking on stage!

In this session, I will show some used cases scenarios:
- Use flow bot in Teams to trigger your flows.
- Use adaptive cards in Teams,
- Start a Teams provisioning request with an approval process,
- and some other use case scenarios of how you can use Power Automate to integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Join this session and see how Teams and Power Automate can help your daily work routine become easier.
Also, you will save more time for coffee ;)

In this session, I will show some used cases scenarios with flow bot in Microsoft Teams. From a simple flow trigger to a complex business case.

Build a location Check-in App in Power Apps, Power Automate & Power BI and integrate it in Teams

In this session, I will show you how to make a Check-in location App in Power Apps. We will create a Power Automate Flow to saved the checked-in location and write the data into a SharePoint list of which Power BI will use that as a data source. In Power BI we make a Power BI report dashboard to display the data.
After this session, you will take away useful information about Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI. Also during this demo, you will see how well integrated those applications works in Microsoft Teams.

It's not too technical, but the basic knowledge on how to maintain the Microsoft tenant and the usage of each app must be the basic.

Make The Impossible Possible: Create Amazing 3D Games with Mixed Reality in Power Apps!

Power Apps has released Mixed Reality capabilities. It is now possible in Power Apps to build mixed reality applications.
With the built-in components, you can view an object in 3D or view the 3D model in Mixed Reality and measure distance, area and volume.

With these features, I built a Pokemon3D game app which is one of the finalists of the Power Apps Demo Extravaganza 2020 contest.

In this session, I want to inspire you about using Mixed Reality in your Power Apps and I'll give you the steps, tips and tricks and what kind of problem I have encountered, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
After this session, you can start building your Mixed Reality app.

Mixed Reality, 3D, Power Apps, Tips & tricks, Steps to build your Mixed Reality Power App.

Practical tips and tricks and business examples with SharePoint Online and Power Automate

As a Microsoft 365 Consultant, I got a lot of requests to automate their business processes within SharePoint Online.
It can be a simple approval flow, get a list of data or copy a list from one to another SharePoint site, but also some complex ones like to build a whole business process within SharePoint Online.
In this session, I would like to show you some practical business case scenarios and show you how to achieve this with Power Automate flows. I will demo some flows that I have built for my customers and tells you where you can think about in your company.

Demos of Power Automate flows, use case scenarios with a combination of SharePoint Online and Power Automate.

Build a Microsoft Team self-service creation with Microsoft 365, Power Automate and Graph API

In this session, I will show you how you can manage your own Microsoft Team self-service creation within your Microsoft 365 tenant.
I suspect your organization would like to manage this, but how to get started with?
There are multiple steps and ways to do this, and I will show you how to achieve this step by step. But the basic must be there.
We will dive into different applications and doing multiple steps. After this session, you will have a good basic knowledge of how to create your own Team self-service creation in your tenant.

Mainly a how-to, demo during this session and expect you'll have basic knowledge of Power Platform.

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams - What is it? What is it good for?

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams delivers a built-in, low-code data platform for Microsoft Teams. It is available for free utilizing your Microsoft 365 licenses and it enables everyone to easily build and deploy apps in Teams. It empowers users to build custom apps, bots and flows in Microsoft Teams by using Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate.

In this session, I will give you an introduction to getting started with Microsoft Dataverse for Teams in your organisation.

Demo and introduction of Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

Game development with Power Apps, learn and have fun!

In this session, I will show you how you can create simple, funny games with the use of Power Apps. And how you can learn during the development process.
One of the famous games that I have created was the Pokémon3DApp, where I use the Mixed Reality component. Besides that, I also created a game called PokéBubbles which also was one of the entries on the Power Apps Demo Extravaganze 2021, or recently a Bee counting game for PowerApps4kids.
As one of the PowerApps4Kids leaders, we have seen how children (Big kids and Little kids) build their own Power Apps game in Power Apps. So, why you can't?
Let's start building your own game in Power Apps after this session.

Show you a lot of games demos that are developed with the use of Power Apps and give you inspirations on how to get started.

Build powerful Power Automate Cloud flows in your Office 365 environment

Do you know you can create powerful business processes with the use of Office 365 and Power Automate? Power Automate can connect hundreds of apps together and build great end-to-end business solutions. Besides that, we can make use of toolings like Graph API and Adaptive Cards for free! And also, we have Azure Active Directory as our backend for the save and security! Sounds great, right?!

In this session, I would like to show some practical business case scenarios that are built with Power Automate Cloud flows and show you how to achieve this. I will demo some flows that I have built for my customers and tells you where you can think about in your company.

Demos of Power Automate Cloud flows, use case scenarios with a combination of SharePoint Online, Graph API and Adaptive Cards.

Past and future events

Scottish Summit

29 Feb 2020
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom