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Berlin, Germany

Miguel Beltran


Miguel is a freelance developer based in Berlin, experienced in mobile development both on native and cross-platform apps. He currently co-runs a podcast called Code Cafeteria and you can find him sketchnoting at tech conferences.

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Current sessions

Minimalism Driven Development

Simple living, often called Minimalism, is a lifestyle that encompasses practices to have a more meaningful life with less. Minimalism in computing is not a novel idea, it existed back in the 80s when the resources were very expensive and limited.

Nowadays, our software development processes seem to have forgot about it. We deploy entire frameworks, or even entire operating systems, to perform a single task. We include libraries in our projects even when we just need a single method. We create bloated products that cram as much features as we can, rather than focusing on doing one thing right. As well, we have problems focusing at work, we struggle to get things done, and all together our mental health is not improving.

I believe that is all related, that we should take a step back, simplify, start small, and declutter.

Come and learn about the principles of minimalism, and how to apply them to your personal and professional life. You will learn about the importance of keeping things simple, learning to focus on the things that matter to make a positive impact in yours, your team’s and your users' lives.

Mouseless development on Android Studio with IdeaVim

Vim is still one of the most popular text editors for developers. Its major attractive is modal editing: switch from editing text to running commands with a keypress. This allows for precise declarative editing, resting your hands in the keyboard, without having to reach out your mouse.

Learning Vim is not easy, but it is a skill that we can carry all our career as developers, as many IDE and editors support vi-mode. Thanks to IdeaVim, we Android developers can also enjoy modal editing in Android Studio.

In this talk, I will introduce you to IdeaVim and modal editing. You will learn the basic actions, cursor movements, how to configure IdeaVim for your needs, and some of the tricks that helped me learn and fall in love with it. I will teach you to adopt Vim as your command line editor, for things like editing git commits and quickly changing configuration files.

After this talk, you will be able to start using Vim and IdeaVim, and enjoy many of the advantages of mouseless development without changing your favorite IDE.

This talk was performed previously at a local meetup and a conference in 2019.

This talks has live editing which requires me to be on my laptop and use a headset.

This talk can be delivered both as full session or lightning talk.

The talk is intended for intermediate developers who want to learn a new skill.

Past and future events

droidcon Berlin 2019

30 Jun 2019 - 2 Jul 2019
Berlin, Germany

DroidKaigi 2018

7 Feb 2018 - 8 Feb 2018