Miguel Useche

Miguel Useche

Mozilla Tech Speaker

Miguel is a Mozilla TechSpeaker who loves to evangelize about the latest and newest open web technologies to make a better web. He's being doing web developing since the past millenium and has been volunteering in many open source communities as coder, translator, writing about web technologies in his blog and as speaker at events. Currently works as a Operating Systems and Programming professor at Universidad del Táchira, Venezuela. From there, he tries to promote open technologies among students and local professionals by organizing tech events or the local meetups.

Current sessions

Take your non-JS app to the web with WebAssembly

WebAssembly is a new type of code that can be executed in modern web browsers through a compact binary format that runs at near-native speed without any plugins. This have a great impact for the web, because it gives a new way to run code from other languages into the web at near native performance, providing client apps with a technology to run high performance applications in such way that was not possible before.

WebAssembly lets you port your current code to the web. You can compile code written in C, Go or Rust into WASM as target, so you can reuse your current apps or call part of the code from a JavaScript context and access browser functionalities using the same Web APIs accessible from JavaScript.

This talk will be an introduction of what's possible to do with WASM. I will discuss the following topics:

* Small brief about Javascript performance
* Introduction of scenarios where high performance could be required.
* What is WASM, its components and features.
* How can you take your existing code to WASM.
* Code interaction between JS and WASM (and vice-versa)
* Code examples and a brief presentation of demos (video or live).
* Demo of PHP code running in the browser with WASM
* Firefox's Dev Tools for working with WASM.
* Where you can get more information about it.

Attendees will learn the basics of this game-changer web technology, how to start to create high performance apps from scratch or migrate existing ones written in other languages like C/C++ or Rust to WebAssembly.

All by using open technologies!