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Milos Radivojevic

Milos Radivojevic

Head of MSSQL Database Engineering at Entain

Vienna, Austria


Milos Radivojevic is database consultant located in Vienna, Austria. He is Head of MSSQL Database Engineering at Entain. He is very active in the SQL Server community: he is co-founder of the SQL Pass Austria and speaks regularly at local and international database conferences. He is also co-author of three SQL Server books: Mastering SQL Server 2017, SQL Server 2017 Developer’s Guide and SQL Server 2016 Developer’s Guide.


  • Most Active Speaker 2023

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • performance tuning
  • Database Design
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Parameter Sniffing in SQL Server 2022

In this session, we'll quickly review Parameter Sniffing issues in the previous SQL Server versions and then focus on changes and enhancements in SQL Server 2022 Public CTP edition.
We'll see if Microsoft finally solved this problem after all these years, can we still have PS issues even in this version and how much we have to pay for these enhancements.

SQL Konferenz 2023 Sessionize Event

September 2023 Hanau am Main, Germany

Data Saturday Rheinland 2023 Sessionize Event

June 2023 Sankt Augustin, Germany

Data Saturday Croatia 2023 Sessionize Event

June 2023 Zagreb, Croatia

SQL Saturday New York City 2023 Sessionize Event

May 2023 New York City, New York, United States

Init 2022 Dev Conference Sessionize Event

September 2022 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sql Friday Season 5 (August - December 2022) User group Sessionize Event

August 2022

DataSaturday Croatia 2022 Sessionize Event

June 2022 Zagreb, Croatia

SQLBits 2022 Sessionize Event

March 2022 London, United Kingdom

Sql Friday Season 4 (Feb - Jun 2022) Sessionize Event

February 2022

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December 2021

Data Saturday Slovenia 2021 Sessionize Event

December 2021

#DataWeekender v4.2 Sessionize Event

November 2021

Data Saturday Sofia Sessionize Event

October 2021 Sofia, Bulgaria

DataSaturday Croatia 2021 Sessionize Event

September 2021 Zagreb, Croatia

DataMinutes #1 Sessionize Event

June 2021

Humanitarian conference for earthquake victims in Croatia Sessionize Event

January 2021

9. MSCOMMUNITY BiH Konferencija Sessionize Event

October 2020

#DataWeekender #TheSQL Sessionize Event

October 2020

Data Community Weekender Europe Sessionize Event

May 2020

Intelligent Cloud Conference 2019 Sessionize Event

April 2019 Copenhagen, Denmark

Milos Radivojevic

Head of MSSQL Database Engineering at Entain

Vienna, Austria


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