Miro Marchi

Miro Marchi

Graph Specialised Anthropologist at GraphAware - World's #1 Neo4j Consultancy

Dr. Miro Marchi is our Graph Specialised Anthropologist. He holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from University of Verona, where he studied the consumption of graph visualisations by members of communities of practice. Miro's skills and interests lie between social and computer sciences. He combines experience in ethnographic analysis (deep immersion in the field to understand stakeholders practices), in graph data modelling with Neo4j, and in JavaScript data visualisation. Miro facilitates project communication and helps clients to extract actionable insights with knowledge graph solutions. He is passionate about the game-changing effect of network thinking and graph technology on organisations and processes.

Current sessions

10+ Entity States in Graph Visualisation And How To Make The Best Of Them

Entities in graph visualisations change appearance based on data and user interaction. We will explore 10 of the most useful entity states, including selected, highlighted, located, hidden, and grouped. We will use Cypher to enrich entities with contextual information enabling powerful interactions.

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