Mitchell Davis

Mitchell Davis

Public Relations Expert

Washington, Washington, D.C., United States

Mitchell P. Davis won the Georgetown University Bunn Award for Excellence in Journalism and graduated from their business school. Started his PR business in 1984 with publication of the Talks Show Guest Directory. Served on the board of the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts. Now in it's 36 annual edition the Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons has been requested by tens of thousands of journalists. See and download a free copy of the 36th Yearbook of Experts at www.ExpertBook.com -- his website: www.ExpertClick.com hosts all the expert profiles and hundreds of thousands of news releases.

His resources are loved by the new media. --- The New York Times called it: "Dial-an-Expert" The Associated Press called it: "An Encyclopedia of Sources," and PRWEEK called it: "a dating service of PR"

He also founded The News Council, to help non-profit groups use the power of his networking free of charge – see the site at www.NewsCouncil.org. He is the Director General of the International Platform Association, the speakers association founded by Daniel Webster in 1831: www.InternationalPlatform.org

He is a member of The Circumnavigators Club, has circled the globe twice and welcomes the opportunity to the discuss the how Peking has evolved into being Beijing. He loves to contra dance and vacation off-the-grid.

Broadcast Interview Source, Inc., was started in 1984 by Mitchell P. Davis, a recent Georgetown University graduate. His e-mail is ExpertClick@Gmail.com. The Yearbook has been reviewed in The Sunday New York Times Magazine.

Speaking Topics by Mitchell P. Davis, Founder -- The Yearbook of Experts.

Each presentation is set to last seven minutes. To keep the room's attention, I can't cover everything. So, I'll just do the highlights. Items One to Eight can be done in one hour.

Ten Ways Experts Build Their Brands – audience participation to choose seven of the ten topics here: www.NewsReleaseWire.com/23590 -- handout of questions and answers given.

Don't Get a Job – Create Your Own Opportunity with Consulting, Speaking, Training and Coaching. These are four great avocations that deliver freedom: being your own boss, having freedom to travel. How to change your mind-set from "looking for a job" to seeking connections and opportunity to make lots more money for focused work. Handout with action steps and contacts.

Customer Supply Chain – ISO 9000 practices to ensure customers arrive on schedule. Examples of how great companies ensure continued new business.

Blue Ocean Marketing Strategies – Finding new business where others are not.
23 Ways to Get More Clients. Attendees receive a copyright-free handout which they may re-purpose and share with their clients who are seeking more business.

Protect Your Brand – 10 sites at which to register your user name – Links at www.BrandWhale.com
URL -Twitter -Facebook -LinkedIN -YouTube -Google -Yahoo -MySpace -Digg -Delicious -Technorati -Vimeo

What Would Dottie Say? -- Selected speaking business strategies I've learned listening to recording made by Dottie Walters, one of the original leaders in the speaking business.

Collaborative Economics – reaching past social media to generate business. How to create synergy of collaboration and new business, and why never to push your business card at someone – make the conversation about two things.
Their needs;
Your connections that can solve those needs.

Training Classes for General Internet Knowledge – Not theory, but actual like presentations, where I invite a member of the audience to step forward, and we:

Learn how to record video with The Flip camera – a very simple way to build content;

Open a YouTube.com account, and upload a video;

How to open a YouTube.com channel, and get people to subscribe to your videos;

Why to have a e-mail opt-in form on your Web site:

The instant benefits;

How to use Constant Contact to set it up.

Training Classes for Yearbook of Experts' Members on Using ExpertClick.com:

How to send news releases – best practices, and simple things to avoid;

The importance of defining your Web objective and choosing to build pages that attract specific business;

Search-engine optimization techniques, and how to choose keywords;

How to use Google Keyword Selector to find the best words for your news releases;

How to use KWMap to find related words, and Keyword Spy to learn from P-P-C ads to use those words in organic marketing;

How to use organic breadcrumbs and text links to drive traffic.

All presentations are made in an editorial style. I do not "sell from the podium," but we've found that many members at the end of a presentation like to hear a one-minute summary of our services. As a benefit for the organizing group, we offer to split 50% / 50% on our sales of ExpertClick memberships sold at the time of the event. In January 2010 at a National Speakers Association event, we raised $4,200; the organizing group made $2,100.

Area of Expertise

  • Media & Information
  • Travel & Tourism


  • talk radio
  • biztalk
  • news
  • breaking news
  • Newspapers

SeachJacking -- What to know to protect your website.

SearchJacking is best described by Mark Scheafer at BusinessGrow.com;

He defines it as: "When a topic gets hot, the Internet Bad People quickly catch on and capitalize by finding ways to catch the wave with their own spammy offerings. It could have been worse — there were so many posts about the subject that it is pretty saturated with legitimate content but you can see how not protecting yourself as your business grows can provide vulnerabilities to your brand" See his blog post at: https://tinyurl.com/SearchJacking

Mitchell P. Davis, a certified search engine optimization (SEO) professional (Certified by Bruce Clay -- https://www.bruceclay.com/), Has adopted the phase to encompass many kinds of snarkey SEO much of it unethical and some illegal SEO.

Mitchell Davis

Public Relations Expert

Washington, Washington, D.C., United States