Mitsuaki Uchimoto

Mitsuaki Uchimoto

Backend Developer, Lisk

Mitsuaki has been a software engineer for over 5 years, and has a strong passion for blockchain technology. He also has experience in p2p networks, distributed network security, and cryptographic functions.

Current sessions

Blockchain security mechanisms in p2p networks

Mitsuaki will introduce you into blockchain security mechanisms for p2p networks. Firstly, Mitsuaki will introduce you to different p2p attacks that can slow down a p2p network.
Next, he will focus on explaining how to favour “well- behaving” peers to build a stable p2p network. Furthermore, he will explain how Lisk’s rating system works to select “well-behaving” peers.
A list of five metrics are used to decide whether a bad peer should be banned or not. These metrics include: latency, netgroup, productivity, longevity, and response rate. Moreover, each metric has been assigned a threshold that decides whether a peer should be evicted.
Lastly, Mitsuaki will explain the concept of peer bucketing to ensure that the peers are randomly selected from a collection with sufficient diversity. It’s a common problem in p2p networks where an attacker monopolises all the connections for a node, performing an Eclipse attack.
The above mechanisms should help you establish a more robust p2p network where well-behaving peers are favoured.