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Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, United States

Michael Mukalian

Modern Workplace Technical Architect at the Philadelphia Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) located in Malvern, PA

Michael Mukalian is the Modern Workplace Technical Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Philadelphia (Malvern), PA. covering the collaboration, productivity and security services within Microsoft 365. He is co-owner of the Tri-State Office 365 User Group (https://www.meetup.com/TSSPUG/), was a contributing author on varied SharePoint reference material, speaks at a number of community events around the country as well as presented at conferences like Microsoft Ignite, and was awarded Microsoft's MVP award in CY2010 for SharePoint Services. With over 25 years of IT experience and certifications in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 and Power Platform, Michael has architected and developed solutions for companies of all sizes.

Current sessions

Authorize and Automate Teams Guest Access with Surgical Precision

Microsoft Teams provides a best-in-class collaboration platform when working with a group of people in your enterprise. However, we all know that more often than not, project teams are comprised of people from outside your organization as well (vendors, partners, etc.). These individuals can be given access to a Microsoft Team by inviting them into that Team, and they are set up as a Guest. The ability to invite people in as a Guest is a tenant-level setting, which means that when it is on, all Teams can invite Guests in. What can you do if you want to invite a Guest in but only for selective teams? We’ll discuss how you can provide a governed and consistent process to automate the provisioning of Teams with Guest Access selectively. We’ll discuss the benefits of having the entirety of your team work in Teams, as well as how the combination of SharePoint Online, Power Automate, Power Apps and the Microsoft Graph provides the solution for this scenario.

Governing the Addition of Guests into a Microsoft Team

This session in my Guest Access series addresses how to provide a bit more governance around inviting a Guest into a specific Team. Remember that an Owner can add both Members and Guests if the tenant is configured for Guest Access. But what if we want to provide a certain level of awareness and business process when Guests are invited into a Team? Today's discussion and walkthrough will go into this scenario, allowing us to provide a consistent business process, including an approval mechanism, when a Guest is added to a Team. Our solution for this will rely on the Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate) and the Microsoft Graph.