Mohamed Mnete

Mohamed Mnete

Google, Software Engineer

My name is Mohamed Mnete. I was born in Tabora and raised in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Growing up, I loved sciences, I would often times make theoretical calculations of what I thought would be future trains and airplanes that could run on water. Crazy. I know, but what is the fun of learning Archimedes principle in form 2 and not using it at all?

I started learning to code on my own on YouTube right after finishing high school while I waited to join university. Following this, I naturally majored in Computer Science at a university in Texas. I spent most of my time in college working on very many side projects, most of them were apps and website I knew I could use for my personal use. But I also ended up using them to get a foot into the industry through internships during my breaks from college.

At the moment, I work at Google Payments. I am a web developer here working on a new version of what will be the new way people make payments on all our web products.

I love learning, teaching and doing code. This is because it is a medium through which I can put a smile onto Tanzanian faces. And not just because I can make beautiful, cool apps but because coding can literally solve many of the dire challenges we face.