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Monika Rajput

Monika Rajput

Data and Cloud Engineer

Delhi, India


- Senior Data and Cloud Engineer @Ahead
- Worked with 4 early stage startups.
- Organizer at CNCF Gurgaon, India
- Mentored 60+ Students Currently.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Environment & Cleantech


  • Cloud
  • DevOps
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Engineering Pipelines
  • sustainability & technology
  • Cloud Native

South Florida Women in Tech User group Sessionize Event Upcoming

Not scheduled yet.

Til Conf'24

May 2024

Build Your Own GenAI App

- LLMs: 30,000 Feet View
- Types Of LLms
- Tools we need to build a GenAI App
- The Flow of the GenAI App
- The Power of LangChain

April 2024

Kloud Konnect

February 2024 Gurgaon, India

TensorFlow User Group Ghaziabad

February 2024 Noida, India

TCP Computer Science KM College

Craft Your ELT Pipeline with open-source!

- What's Meltano ( Open-source)?
- Why the community prefers Meltano over other DataOps platforms.
- Integration in Meltano.
- Let's build the ELT pipeline with Meltano (Demo).

February 2024 Delhi, India

AIFC: AI facilitator community

Embracing AI in Modern Education
- The journey of AI
- The power of GenAI
- How educators can use it?
- Best AI Tools for Teachers
- Build an AI App using Generative AI

February 2024 Delhi, India

90DaysOfDevOps - 2024 Community Edition Sessionize Event

January 2024

Devfest Kathmandu 2023 Sessionize Event

December 2023 Kathmandu, Nepal

Cloud and Open-source Gala

CNCF Landscape

December 2023 Gurgaon, India


Vital Role of Data in Startup Success

November 2023 Noida, India

Cloud & RDS

• Career And Technology
• What is Cloud?
• Cloud Services
• Which Cloud Services we needs to create an Web App?
• RDS (Relational Database System)
• Why choose RDS over EC2 or on-premises
• Hands On: Set up RDS

August 2023

Monika Rajput

Data and Cloud Engineer

Delhi, India


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