Matt Lacey

Matt Lacey

Independent developer and author

Matt Lacey is an independent development consultant who focuses on helping developers to create better software. He’s an author, Microsoft MVP, and contributor to multiple open-source projects.
Having worked in companies of all sizes, and in a variety of different industries, he has used more languages and technologies than he can count. Matt brings this breadth of experience to present a viewpoint that considers technology, business, and design.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • XAML
  • UWP
  • Mobile Apps
  • Usability

From Design to Development: How to Have Happier Handovers

Software development involves many different skills and is often a collaborative effort involving multiple people. The differing requirements, constraints, and expectations of designers and developers make this collaboration particularly challenging. However, we don't have to accept this as fact. We can improve things.
Through a blend of anecdotes, actionable tips, and practical advice, we'll delve into the nuances and misalignments of these two roles to understand the constraints and causes of misinterpretation and dissect common pain points.
By better understanding the causes of the problems, we can break down the silos between designers and developers to make things easier and more productive for everyone involved.

Documentation, Testing, and the Future of Software Development

There's probably nothing most developers like less than writing documentation and tests. Despite good and bad reasons for this, the growth of AI and the changing landscape of software development mean they are becoming increasingly indispensable for developers aiming to build high-quality, reliable, and scalable software.
What you should consider as "documentation" and "testing" will also surprise you as it covers much more than you think.
Through real-world examples and practical insights, this session highlights how investing in documentation and testing streamlines collaboration, enhances efficiency, improves software reliability, and ultimately leads to more satisfied developers, users, and businesses.

Creating maintainable UIs for cross-platform apps

Avalonia, Uno Platform, & .NET MAUI make it easy to build native apps that run on multiple devices and operating systems. However, the XAML used to define the UI for these apps is often criticized and complained about for being overly complex.
This doesn't have to be the case. Let me show you how the principles and best practices you know and use in C# can also be applied to XAML. Doing this makes XAML files easier to read, understand, and maintain.
You won't believe that XAML files can look so good and be a pleasure to work with.

Matt Lacey

Independent developer and author