Mushood Badulla

Information & Communications Technology

Laravel Vue Js

Quatre Bornes, Plaines Wilhems, Mauritius

Mushood Badulla

Laravel Evangelist

In web development since 2014 as a freelancer, I joined Esokia Web Agency in early 2017. Worked with Drupal, Zend and even Symfony framework, before falling in love with the Laravel Framework where I specialized myself. Also in love with Vue JS framework.

Current sessions

Laravel, King of Php Frameworks

Discover why, according to StackOverflow, Laravel is the most popular php framework in 2017, for a third year running!
In this session, we will actually create a project together so that you can get a first hand experience with this framework. We will build a simple blog and explore the following concepts:
1. Project Installation
2. Request to response flow
3. Eloquent - Database requests made easy
4. Security with Policies/Gates
5. Events
6. Custom Email
7. Job Queues
8. Assets( CSS/JS ) Management
9. Testing

You will also get helpful tips on how to learn more about PHP with an introduction to