Nayan Hajratwala

Nayan Hajratwala

Software Coach

Manchester, Michigan, United States

I am a Lean/Agile Coach with over 20 years of intensive technical experience. I have a passion for helping software teams increase their productivity and decrease their time-to-market while improving the quality of their product.

I have an extensive hands-on background in Java & Kotlin software development as well as significant enterprise coaching experience.

Recent dabblings include Typescript, Swift, Scala and Ruby

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • agile
  • lean
  • refactoring
  • continuous delivery
  • kanban

Continuous Deployment: A Practical Roadmap for Software Teams

Embarking on the journey of Continuous Deployment (CD), where every developer commit results in an automated production deployment can seem daunting, leaving you uncertain about where to start. Nayan aims to bridge this gap by offering a clear, actionable roadmap to harness the power of CD for more efficient and effective software delivery.

The talk starts by explaining what CD is and why it's important in modern software development, focusing on key parts of the CD process, such as automated testing, monitoring, and feature flags, to show how they help make deployments smooth and secure.

The heart of this presentation is a detailed walkthrough of how to start with CD, specifically designed to address the uncertainty about the initial steps. Nayan will share personal anecdotes and lessons learned from the trenches to illuminate common hurdles and the strategies to overcome them.

Embrace these Three Fearsome Words: Test In Production

These three words strike fear into the hearts of development teams everywhere, yet Testing in Production can significantly accelerate product delivery by unleashing improvements in quality, feedback loops & infrastructure cost.

In this session you'll see demos of real world, ultra-lean delivery pipelines. You'll also see code examples that can get you to production without all those pesky Dev, QA, Staging, UAT, PreProd & Performance environments.

When you walk away from this session, you'll have the confidence & strategies to start your journey towards implementing a true Continuous Deployment pipeline that culminates in automated Production Testing.

Test Driven Development Workshop

This will be a hands-on TDD fest. Bring your laptops, TDD questions and real problems. We'll run some TDD Katas on the big screen, provide sample exercises for people to try on their own, and have a few TDD experts wandering around to help you out.

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July 2024 Dallas, Texas, United States

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May 2024 Detroit, Michigan, United States

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June 2023 Detroit, Michigan, United States

Nayan Hajratwala

Software Coach

Manchester, Michigan, United States

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