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Nicolas De Loof

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Jenkins-X : toward a cloud-native Jenkins

Jenkins Architecture is 10 years old. Strict backward compatibility allowed to establish a huge community and ecosystem, covering everybody's needs and use cases with extreme flexibility. But doesn't it also prevent major refactoring one would need to embrace modern architectures and cloud-native paradigm ? One could have thought so ... until discovering Jenkins X.

Jenkins X is a major fresh new way to consider CI/CD in a cloud-native, Kubernetes focussed context. Fresh air and mindset comes to dust Jenkins architecture. Highly opinionated, it breaks up with Jenkins "_can do everything_" approach, with a battery included approach and pre-assembled workflow. It's success brings Jenkins - still running under the hood - to a higher level, also demonstrating new usages and needs.

This talk will introduce Jenkins X and describe how one can modernize a 10+ years old architecture in less than one years by only focussing on end-users experience.