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Columbus, Ohio, United States

Ned Bauerle

Sr. Director Solutions Development

Ned Bauerle is a results-oriented professional Sr. Director of Solutions Development for Leading EDJE with over 24 years experience delivering high quality software solutions. He has extensive experience planning and implementing both software and business processes focusing on technology and infrastructure projects to deliver tangible business results.

Ned has delivered successful architectural solutions and implementations for clients including: Crown Equipment, Chemical Abstracts, Sherwin Williams, Coca-Cola, Hewlett Packard, America Online, CNN, and others.

Current sessions

Vital Skills of A Software Architect

In this session we will explore different types of software architecture roles and venture into both hard and soft skills that form a successful architect. The goal is to enlighten anyone aspiring to become a software architect or anyone who simply wants to better understand the software architecture role in an organization.

“Microdeployments” for Microservices

When planning to utilize either microservices or another modern service-based architecture it is important to determine the size of the services and the and frequency of the deployments. Service-based applications should utilize multiple small deployments rather than a traditional all-in-one application deployment. It is critical to build a cooperative relationship between the development and operations teams as there are many decisions that need to be made jointly; particularly, how the services will be designed and deployed (i.e. units of functionality, data focused, or isolated responsibilities). In this presentation we will discuss some of the devops decisions that need to be made pertaining to architecture and infrastructure in order to make the project a success.