Nicolas Blank

Nicolas Blank

NBConsult, Group CEO, M365 Apps & Services, Microsoft Azure

Cape Town, South Africa

Nicolas is the founder, as well an architect, author and speaker focused on Microsoft 365 and Azure at NBConsult Group in South Africa, England and Hong Kong.
Nicolas is a Microsoft Certified Master for Exchange and Office 365, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for M365 Apps & Services, Microsoft Azure since March 2007.
Nicolas has co-authored the Microsoft Zero Trust adoption framework, Including Overview, Rapidly modernize your security posture, Secure remote and hybrid work with Zero Trust, Prevent or reduce business damage from a breach, “Microsoft Exchange Server 2013: Design, Deploy and Deliver an Enterprise Messaging Solution”, published by Sybex, as well as authoring “Azure Site Recovery: IaaS Migration and Disaster Recovery”, published by Pluralsight.
As a podcaster, Nicolas is a co-founder of and a contributor to thearchitects.cloud podcast and the SCI Fridays Show
Nicolas blogs at blankmanblog.com, tweets as @nicolasblank

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Zero Trust Security
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Security

From hype to reality - Building out scalable, real world, Zero Trust Security models

Zero Trust, 3 principles and seemingly infinite ways of implementing it in the real world. In this session we will demonstrate how to build a zero-trust strategy and implement it. You may already own all the security products you need. Sound too good to be true?
Join Microsoft Zero Trust Adoption Framework co-author Nicolas Blank, as he covers how to build, implement and mature through iteration, across business verticals for just about any company size.

Two Holy Grails and a unicorn - Building a predictable security budget using the Zero Trust Framewor

Predictable security spend – and predictable security outcomes – two seemingly unachievable holy grails that combine into an unachievable unicorn?
Security without strategy can be a black hole of security spend. By keeping up with the Jones’s, i.e. doing what other people are doing, can be a common approach to modern security. However, business strategy and security strategy can align to create a risk based financially defensible security posture.
In this assisted unicorn birthing session, Microsoft Zero Trust Adoption Framework co-author Nicolas Blank presents on how to build Zero Trust economic models in the context of the business that you are defending with the tools you already own.


Webinar: Applying Zero Trust to Data Centre Networks

September 2023

The South African Azure User Group

Zero Trust: Move from boring guidance to actionable patterns

August 2023 Cape Town, South Africa


Today's Top 5 Challenges with Microsoft 365

August 2023

Ignite the tour - Johannesburg

BRK20003 Outlook mobile: The gold standard for secure communications in the enterprise.
BRK30015 Exchange Hybrid: What, How and Why
BRK20005 Cloud-first Network Transformation for Microsoft 365

January 2020 Johannesburg, South Africa

ignite 2017

BRK2248 Microsoft Exchange: Through the eyes of MVPs (Panel discussion)

September 2017 Orlando, Florida, United States

Microsoft Ignite 2016

BRK3217 - Run Microsoft Exchange Hybrid for the long haul - Timothy Heeney, Nicolas Blank

September 2016 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Microsoft Ignite 2015

BRK3152 - MVPs Unplugged: Real-World Microsoft Exchange Server Designs and Deployments
BRK3194 - MVPs Unplugged: The Journey to Microsoft Exchange Online

May 2015 Chicago, Illinois, United States

Nicolas Blank

NBConsult, Group CEO, M365 Apps & Services, Microsoft Azure

Cape Town, South Africa

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