Nikki Chapple

Nikki Chapple

Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay | MVP

London, United Kingdom

Nikki is an experienced IT and business professional who has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP. With over 30 years of experience, she specializes in Microsoft 365 governance and compliance and is a renowned public speaker and blogger in this field. Nikki co-hosts the “All Things M365 Compliance Podcast” and co-wrote the “Microsoft 365 Maturity Model for Governance, Risk, and Compliance”. In addition, she holds qualifications as an Enterprise Architect (TOGAF) and Organizational Change Manager (PROSCI).

Her belief is that Microsoft 365 governance and compliance is not just a project but a way of life and must be integrated into the organization's culture.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Purview
  • Microsoft Information Protection
  • Information Protection
  • Teams Governance
  • Microsoft Copilot
  • Microsoft MVP
  • Data Security
  • Data Governance
  • Microsoft 365 governance and compliance
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Information Security Governance and Risk
  • Information and Records Management
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Sensitivity Labels: The Secret to Keeping Your Team's Info Under Lock and Key

Just like how you use a key to keep valuable possessions safe, sensitivity labels are the key to protecting sensitive data in your Teams environment. In this session, we'll explore how sensitivity labels act as the key to your Teams' safe, and cover the following:
• Unlock the power of sensitivity labels to control access to your Teams environment and protect your sensitive data.
• Discover best practices for creating and configuring sensitivity label policies that define who has access to the safe and under what conditions.
• Learn insider tips and tricks to effectively apply sensitivity labels to your existing teams, and overcome common challenges like a master safekeeper.
By the end of this session, you'll have the key to using sensitivity labels like a pro, and ensure the secure handling of sensitive information in Teams. Don't miss out on this opportunity to protect your valuable data - join us for this exciting session with Nikki Chapple.

Don’t let Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance be a roll of the dice

No matter the size of your business, data protection and compliance is critical.

1. Data is exploding
2. Data regulations are increasing around the world
3. Everyone is at risk of a data breach

Yet data security and compliance can feel overwhelming.

Let me show you how the Microsoft 365 Governance, Risk, and Compliance maturity model can help you reduce risk and improve compliance effectiveness by building a strategy for protecting and managing sensitive and business-critical data.

Finding and managing ownerless Teams using Power Automate

Why do ownerless Teams occur?
Ownerless Teams occur as part of the joiners, movers leaver process. An administrator removes the user from the Team or closes their account. If they were the only Team owner then the Team becomes ownerless.
Because the is no ‘out of the box’ and simple process for the admin to check if the user is an owner of any Group the process often gets overlooked.

What is the issue with ownerless Teams?
1 The Group has no accountability
2 Membership requests to join private groups stay unapproved because no owner exists to process requests.
3 If the Azure AD Access reviews or Expiration reviews are enforced then who reviews the requests.

How can I minimize ownerless Teams?
This session will show you how to minimize ownerless Teams by building a Power Automate Flow to automate the process of reassigning Team ownership when a Team owner either moves roles or leaves the organization.

Implementing Microsoft Teams lifecycle governance to stop Team sprawl

Microsoft Teams empowers users to collaborate. However without governance it is easy for organizations to create thousands of Teams sites with no clear ownership and no lifecycle. This uncontrolled growth can quickly turn into sprawl resulting in an IT admin headache to manage and lead to user confusion and dissatisfaction as they struggle to identify which is the correct team to use.
This session will discuss best practices on how to implement Teams lifecycle management to manage your teams through the following stages:
1. Teams creation
2. Ongoing management
3. End of life

Build a Teams creation workflow using Power Automate

Use Lists and Power Automate to build a Team creation process to govern the creation of Teams.
This practical demonstration will show you how to enhance the standard Teams creation process by:
1 - using your own tailored Teams naming convention
2 - adding an approval step
3 - stopping duplicate Team names
4 - requiring multiple owners
5 - adding sensitivity label to allow or block guests and external sharing

How to collaborate securely with Guests in Microsoft Teams

The first part of the session will discuss the Microsoft 365 configuration best practices to enable secure collaboration with guests in Teams.
The second part of the session will recommend how to implement a guest lifecycle management process, to ensure your guests only have access to the information they need, for the time they need.

How to Master Microsoft 365 Evergreen Change management with Power Automate

Keeping up with Microsoft 365 changes can be hard, especially with multiple stakeholders. The Message Center sync to Microsoft Planner can help you manage the tasks, but the default sync is limited. In this deep dive session, we will build a Power Automate flow to enhance the standard message sync:
- Automatically add labels and checklists
- Assign tasks and notify the right people
- Monitor and report on the tasks

Unlock the Power of Microsoft Viva: Demystifying Security and Privacy Risks

Are you concerned about the security and privacy risks associated with Microsoft Viva? Don't let your worries stop you from utilizing this game-changing digital workplace solution.
Join me, as I demystify security and privacy concerns related to Microsoft Viva.

Together, we'll explore how to mitigate potential risks and ensure a secure and compliant Viva experience that your employees will love. During this informative session, we'll cover topics such as Viva's security features, regulatory compliance, identifying and mitigating potential data security risks, and best practices for accountabilities and responsibilities.

By the end of this session, you'll have a clear understanding of how to maximize the benefits of Microsoft Viva while ensuring your organization's security and privacy are protected. Whether you're new to Viva or looking to optimize your existing deployment, this concise and informative session is a must-attend for anyone seeking to take their remote work experience to the next level.

Preparing for Microsoft 365 Copilot: Best Practices for Governance and Data Security

1. Discover why governance and data security are key factors for Microsoft 365 Copilot readiness and how they can improve your Copilot experience.
2. Assess your current governance, risk and compliance maturity level using the Microsoft 365 maturity model and find out what you need to do to close the gaps for Copilot readiness.
3. Follow the best practices for improving your Microsoft 365 data quality and data security to ensure that Copilot can deliver more accurate, relevant recommendations and safeguard your sensitive data.

Are You Ready for Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Microsoft 365 Copilot is more than just a writing assistant. It is a powerful tool for creating, collaborating, and communicating effectively. But to get the most out of Copilot, you need to ensure your data security and governance are in good shape.
In this session, you will learn:
- Why it is critical to build your data security and governance maturity before switching on Microsoft 365 Copilot
- Who are the key players in your organization that should be involved in your Microsoft 365 readiness journey
- How to assess your current Copilot data security and governance maturity level and identify areas for improvement
- How to configure Microsoft 365 for “just enough access” to safeguard your sensitive data
- How to improve data quality to deliver more accurate, relevant recommendations

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Nikki Chapple

Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay | MVP

London, United Kingdom