Nikolai Norman Andersen

Nikolai Norman Andersen

CTO at Variant Oslo

Oslo, Norway

Nikolai specializes in how processes and technology work together to enable continuous delivery of solutions. He is always searching for ways to deliver fast without compromising quality. He loves problems related to distributed systems, automation and infrastructure, but shines when focusing on developer experience and deployment pipelines.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • DevOps
  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Programming
  • Privacy

Secure Computing and Hands-on Privacy By Design

This interactive talk plunges into the world of secure computing, focusing on protecting data and ensuring privacy in your applications. Learn hands-on how to implement state-of-the-art encryption techniques for data at rest and in transit, manage encryption keys effectively, and utilize anonymization and pseudonymization to minimize data exposure. Discover how GDPR and other regulatory frameworks shape system design and explore the cutting-edge use cases of secure computing and enclaves for enhanced data security.

By the end of this session, you'll not only be equipped with practical insights for building privacy-focused digital systems but also be well-prepared to keep user data safe and navigate the complexities of legal compliance confidently. Join me to master the essentials of encryption and security, future-proof your applications, and take your first step towards becoming a privacy-by-design champion

Privacy in 2022 - What you need to know as a developer

It's been several years since GDPR went into effect. There is no practical way for personal information to be transfered to the U.S. This has left the use of public clouds in a questionable state. This talk will give you a timeline on what has changed, why it changed and how we have to adapt.

I will give you insight from my time working as the DPO in a Healthtech-startup when Schrems II hit and how we had to react. We will also go trough several cases where privacy practices, and use of public cloud, has been put under scrutiny after Privacy Shield was invalidated to see what learnings we can extract from these. We will, by going trough actual examples, see what Privacy by Design actually means at this point in time.

This talk will give you the knowledge you need to be compliant with modern privacy laws, both by understanding what the current EU/EEA privacy laws are and knowing how to apply them when transfering personal data outside the EEA. You will also be told concrete examples on doing Privacy by Design given the current state of these privacy laws.

Death to Test Environments

A validated, stable and usable environment to execute test scenarios and replicate bugs, or a wasteful effort that will never be able to replicate production data or usage patterns? Have the use of test environments gone to far, or are we just doing it wrong? Let's have a look at some normal ways of utilizing test environments and some changes we can do to get more value out of them. Maybe we'll decide we don't need one at all!

Immutable application deployments with F# Make

Deliver continuously to Azure Web Apps by making your build- and deployment pipeline scalable and testable with F# Make! This presentation will show you how to write build- and deployment-scripts that runs the same on your local machine as when deploying in an Azure Web App! I'll do the following:

- Introduce you to FAKE and how it compares to Cake and PSAKE
- Teach you about Kudu, the engine behind deployments to Azure Web Apps
- Show you how you can free yourself of saving environment specific configuration in tools like Octopus Deploy and VSTS
- Demonstrate migrating Azure SQL databases on deploy, using the Web Apps connection string(s)
- Show how add ARM to this setup, how to approach security and how to automatically smoke test

NDC Oslo 2022

September 2022 Oslo, Norway

DevOpsDays Oslo 2021

November 2021 Oslo, Norway

NDC Oslo 2018

June 2018

Nikolai Norman Andersen

CTO at Variant Oslo

Oslo, Norway