Tara Furiani

Tara Furiani

Not the HR Lady

Austin, Texas, United States

What happens when you mix relentless drive, academic prowess, and an innate knack for reading people? You get Tara Furiani. She isn't just in the people business—she is the people business. With over two decades of transformative leadership under her belt, Tara shatters the conventional, often stodgy, paradigms of HR and corporate culture, bringing humanity back into the workplace.

Sporting dual Master's degrees in Psychology and Organizational Leadership, Tara's academic mettle is as rock-solid as her real-world chops. Her slew of advanced certifications isn't just for show; it’s her toolkit for crafting highly responsive, agile organizations. She’s been the mastermind behind multiple industry-defining shifts during her 13 years as a Chief People Officer for companies valued over $6 billion and employing more than 10,000 people worldwide.

But let's cut through the corporate jargon: Tara is a people champion. She fights for DEI not just as a buzzword but as a way of life, all the way from boardrooms on Earth to the realms of space, serving on NASA's DEI board. For Tara, equity isn't just a corporate initiative; it's a universal mandate.

Still think she’s all business? Think again. A mother of five and a doting partner, Tara knows the real-world application of work-life balance like no other. She's the driving force of her family and the beating heart of her home, roles she embraces with the same vigor as her corporate undertakings.

If you need further proof, lend an ear to her hit podcast, "Not the HR Lady," where she tackles the industry's stale narratives and offers fresh, often revolutionary, perspectives. And don't be fooled by the exec persona; she can drop a Dr. Dre lyric faster than you can say "organizational change."

When you partner with Tara Furiani, you’re not just getting a consultant or a thought leader. You’re aligning with a living, breathing catalyst for meaningful change—in your organization and in your life. Are you ready?

Learn more about Tara Furiani and Not the HR Lady by visiting: www.notthehrlady.com and subscribe to the show at www.youtube.com/c/notthehrlady.

Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Media & Information
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Arts


  • Leadership Empowerment
  • Leadership and Presentation Skills
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Female Leadership
  • Global Leadership
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  • DEI
  • LGBTQ in Technology

Remixing Engineering Leadership

Ready to turn your leadership skills up to 11? Grab your backstage pass to "Remixing Engineering Leadership," where engineering leadership meets pop, rock, rap and R&B! Spearheaded by Tara Furiani—thought leader, organizational culture aficionado, and board member for NASA's DEI initiatives—this session is more than a seminar; it's a live mix of mind-bending insights and toe-tapping tracks.

Think of Tara as your resident DJ and maestro, blending killer beats with killer advice honed over two decades in HR and leadership. No fluff. No clichés. This is an immersive, interactive experience that uses the transformative power of music to explore how you can turn your engineering team into a well-tuned ensemble.

Why music? Because a high-performing team is like a killer band, where each member brings their unique style to create something extraordinary. We'll explore the art of orchestrating engineering teams with complementary skills and personalities. But instead of throwing theory at you, Tara sets the groove by pairing each leadership principle with its own anthem, turning the session into an unforgettable concert experience.

Expect to dissect real-world case studies, engage in spontaneous, riff-like dialogues, and witness firsthand how actionable strategies can be as mesmerizing as a guitar solo.

So, if you're an engineering leader or aspiring to be one, and you're tired of the same old keynote speakers droning on like a broken record, come experience a session that's as unforgettable as your favorite album.

Navigating the AI Surge: Future-Proofing HR in a Digital World

In a world obsessed with efficiency, the HR landscape is the new frontier for AI innovation. The promise is tantalizing: automated recruitment, data-driven performance evaluations, personalized learning and development — all at the snap of a finger. But is HR ready for this seismic shift? And what do these changes mean for the core human elements of empathy, diversity, and workplace culture?

Join Tara Furiani for an unapologetically blunt and insightful session as she breaks down the real-world applications, ethical dilemmas, and transformative potential of integrating AI into HR. Leveraging her unique lens as a NASA DEI Board Member and seasoned HR executive, Tara will guide you through the complex maze of AI adoption, demonstrating how to align this disruptive technology with your organizational values and goals. This is not a cursory skim through buzzwords; this is your survival guide to the AI revolution in HR. Prepare to leave with actionable strategies, a slew of critical questions for your next board meeting, and a renewed sense of purpose in your role as an HR leader.

Mastering the Mentorship: Maximizing the Benefits for Technologists

As a technologist and leader, you understand the importance of staying on top of the latest advancements and keeping your skills sharp. But have you considered the benefits of being a mentor, or finding one for yourself? In this presentation, you'll explore the impact mentorship can have on your professional growth and success. From sharing your knowledge to gaining new perspectives, the rewards of mentorship are many. Learn how to make the most of these relationships, both as a mentor and a mentee.

Hacking the Hiring: Strategies for Recruiting Top Cybersecurity Talent

As a leader in the constantly evolving field of cybersecurity, attracting and retaining top talent is a constant challenge. But with the right strategies and techniques, you can hack the hiring process and build a team of skilled and motivated professionals. In this engaging and informative presentation, you'll discover how to find and attract the best candidates, assess their skills and abilities, and keep them engaged and motivated. From creating a compelling employer brand to using innovative recruitment methods, we'll cover everything you need to know to succeed in the competitive world of cybersecurity hiring.

Disrupting Tech’s Boys' Club: A Masterclass in DEI, Leadership, and Career Navigation

It's high time we stop romanticizing the tech industry as a meritocracy and address the elephant in the room: systemic gender bias. No more endless articles about how to "lean in" — let's dissect the real barriers and opportunities for Women in Tech. In this no-holds-barred presentation, you'll not only understand what's holding us back but also discover actionable strategies to break down those barriers, for yourself and for future generations.

Key Takeaways
Identifying Barriers: The subtle and not-so-subtle manifestations of gender bias in tech.

The DEI Edge: The real economic benefit of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Crafting Your Career: Strategic networking and brand development techniques that work.

Leadership 2.0: An updated approach to getting promoted and managing teams in a more inclusive manner.

35 minutes of cutting-edge content presentation.
10 minutes of interactive, real-life case studies.
15 minutes of unfiltered Q&A.

About the Speaker:
Tara Furiani is a powerhouse in the fields of DEI, technology, and leadership. As the CEO of Tarabull Media, she’s shifted paradigms across industries. An early pioneer, Tara created a groundbreaking Learning Management System in the 2000s, revolutionizing corporate training. As an adjunct lecturer for Women in STEM at Simon Fraser University and Texas State University, she bridges the academic and practical worlds to offer an enriched perspective on what really works.

Featured in The New York Post, BBC, Business Insider, among other media giants, Tara's influence is undeniable. She doesn't just narrate; she captivates, educates, and transforms.

CEO of Tarabull Media
Adjunct Lecturer for Women in STEM at Simon Fraser University and Texas State University
Creator of a revolutionary Learning Management System in the 2000s
Board Member for NASA's DEI Initiatives
Author of "F*ck Your Office Snacks" and the forthcoming "SAIL Leadership"

Championing Culturally Safe & Trust-Filled Workspaces for the Future of Tech

As leaders in the tech industry, you're tasked with guiding your organizations into a bright future. But for that future to truly shine, you must create a foundation of psychological safety and trust in your workplace. The shift to remote work and the diverse backgrounds of your employees make this challenge all the more pressing. In this leadership session, you'll discover how to foster a culture that prioritizes inclusiveness, support, and security, and learn strategies for building trust, promoting open communication, and preventing toxicities.

Tara Furiani

Not the HR Lady

Austin, Texas, United States

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