Ole Alexander Pihl Konstad

Ole Alexander Pihl Konstad

Security Culture and sufficient engineering

Sikkerhetskultur Produktledelse

Oslo, Norway

20 years in embedded security and consumer electronics. Passionate about communicating ideas and concepts across cultures, language barriers, and disciplines.

Product Director at www.cognite.com

20 år innen embedded sikkerhet og forbrukerelektronikk.
Fascinert av kommunikasjon på tvers av kulturer, fagfelt og språkbarrierer.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • IoT
  • Embedded systems
  • Security
  • Documentation
  • Product Management
  • IIOT
  • security culture
  • cybersecurity awareness
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Culture & Collaboration
  • Cyber Security basics

Prioritizing Security correctly

Too much security can be just as bad as to little security!
All products needs to take security into account. However, spending to much time on security can be just as bad for your product as spending to little.
In this talk, I will show why we need to treat security features just as any other functional feature, and how this can be done.
After managing security products for 15 years, I have learned some techniques that makes defining security features easier.

This is also the story of Conax - A true Norwegian Security Success history that spread from a small R&D project to a worldwide organisation, protecting billions of dollars in revenue, and putting smart cards in living rooms from Chile to China.

Root-of-trust - What it is and why you need one in IoT

Whether you know it or not, if you have ever implemented any kind of digital security mechanism, your security is rooted somewhere. This is the root-of-trust (RoT) concept. This talk will elaborate on the RoT-concept, the various types of RoTs (one example being the TPM chip found in modern computers), how they can be used, typical implementations mistakes that can happen from the developer side and why you need one if you are deploying devices in IoT.

Sikkerhetsfestivalen 2022

In Norwegian:
Sikkerhetskultur i møte med OT-systemer
When IT and OT security meet

August 2022 Lillehammer, Norway

NDC TechTown 2019 Sessionize Event

September 2019 Kongsberg, Norway

NDC Oslo 2019 Sessionize Event

June 2019 Oslo, Norway

Inside Telecomkonferansen 2019

Consumer's fear of IoT Security:

NITO has surveyed Norwegian consumers on their faith in IoT security.
The results are bad.
They should have been worse.

April 2019 Strömstad, Sweden

Ole Alexander Pihl Konstad

Security Culture and sufficient engineering

Oslo, Norway

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