Mohammad Oli Ahad

Mohammad Oli Ahad

Founder of Intelligent Machines Limited

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mohammad Oli Ahad, Founder and CEO of Intelligent Machines Limited, aspires to build practical AI-powered solutions for our country with his strong local team.

After completing his BBA from the Institute of Business Administration at the University of Dhaka in 2006, he joined British American Tobacco as a Territory Officer in trade marketing. 3 years later, he joined BAT’s regional IT team as a Business Analyst - Asia Pacific, Marketing. He led a number of global and regional projects for 25 countries including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea—some of the most advanced technological environments.

While working to implement state-of-the-art technologies in those markets, he grew a deep urge to build technology solutions from scratch for Bangladesh where we largely adopt tools made for developed countries and then try to force-fit them for the local market.

In April 2018, he started Intelligent Machines. Their first product, Retail AI, went live nationally on October 2018—and, the MFS market-leader bKash Limited is using it ever since for merchandising activities in all their 300K active outlets in the country at present.

The team is currently also working with several other large organizations to build AI products in retail, FMCG, banking, and non-banking finance industries.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management
  • Consumer Goods & Services


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Developing Artificial Intelligence Technologies
  • Business Applications
  • Predictive Analytics

How are businesses in Bangladesh applying AI?

Global AI Bootcamp - Bangladesh scheduled on 14 December 2019. Presenting 6 applications of AI in retail, FMCG, banking and finance industries; and, the important lessons learned as well as the persistent challenges we need to overcome in this ongoing journey. This event is sponsored by Microsoft.

Using Artificial Intelligence for Business

Demonstrating usages of AI in local businesses; presentation and panel discussions organized by Upskill.com.bd scheduled on 19 December 2019

IEEE Bangladesh Section Industry Forum

My presentation was on 'AI applications in Bangladesh'

November 2019 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Battle of Minds 2019 Bootcamp

A keynote speaker for the Bootcamp of Battle of Minds 2019. Audience comprised around 180 participants across universities nationwide and dignitaries from the Education and ICT Ministries. The keynote session and the consequent challenges for the participants revolved around the theme of Digital Bangladesh and the Road to Unlocking the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As an industry expert, shared my insights on digital ecosystems and its potential in enabling socioeconomic inclusion in Bangladesh to give candidates a thorough understanding about the relevant subject matter and groom them for the upcoming national, regional and global rounds, all of which have the theme of digital at their core.

November 2019 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Knowing the Worth of Your Data

A panelist for a knowledge sharing discussion at Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh. This was organized by SC PULSE, the millennial network for SC BD as part of Global Learning Week program. The objective of the session was to discuss the power of data as a commodity and how data and analytics have changed the way we do business.

October 2019 Dhaka, Bangladesh

IEEE SPAC at North South University

A panelist for IEEE's Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC) held at NSU

August 2019 Dhaka, Bangladesh

E-Commerce Business : Bangladesh Perspective

Guest lecturer in MBA program at BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT)

February 2019 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Gear Up Your Business with Digital Transformation

A panelist to this Microsoft-sponsored event hosted by Tech One Global on how businesses can adapt to harness the full potential of digital transformation

February 2017 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mohammad Oli Ahad

Founder of Intelligent Machines Limited

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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