Olivier Prouvost

Information & Communications Technology

Eclipse Git Software Design Software Development Training

Toulouse, Occitanie, France

Olivier Prouvost

OPCoach, Eclipse Expert

I have been working with Eclipse since 2005 and I created my own company in 2009 to provide Eclipse training and consulting in France and all over Europe, in French or English.

My commitment to the Eclipse community is strong: committer on 2 projects, speaker at many conferences, contributor to hackathons ...(see also : http://www.opcoach.com/en/opcoach-eclipse-intervention/)

I enjoy traveling, skiing, skydiving as well as meeting new people whether through work or leisure.

Current sessions

Starting a simple Eclipse 4 Application from scratch

The Eclipse RCP architecture is a modern and powerful software stack that has been used for over 15 years in a many companies.

The Eclipse 4 runtime is based on models and dependency injection and allows developers to write very modular java applications.

In the first part of this talk, I will explain, the basic concepts implemented in the Eclipse 4 architecture. Then, in the second part, I will explain the method to easily make a full portable and expandable application.

The code of this demo will be explained and provided on GitHub so as to be reused by the participants.

A quick introduction to Git for beginners

Git is one of the most efficient SCM and is used by millions of projects and companies.

Because it defines advanced concepts, Git is not so easy to use in some cases. This talk will explain the key concepts in a nutshell and will detail several use cases coming from real projects.

As a Git user and trainer I will summarize what every developer should know if she/he wants to start using Git properly.

Increase your development productivity with the Eclipse projects

Known as a famous IDE, Eclipse is also a software eco-system managed by the Eclipse Foundation.

In addition to the 60 Jakarta EE and EE4J new projects hosted in 2018 by the foundation, there are more than 300 projects available for developers in many fields: languages, modeling, IOT, geospatial, science, etc.

The goal of this talk, in its first part, is to give you general information on the most significant projects in such fields. Then, the second part will focus mainly on the Modeling projects that can dramatically increase your software development productivity whatever the project and the programming language that you use.