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Olivier Van Steenlandt

Olivier Van Steenlandt

BI Teamlead @ X²O

Sint-Niklaas, Belgium


Olivier Van Steenlandt is a Business Intelligence Professional who spent most of his early career assisting retail companies to get more value of their data using the Microsoft BI Stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI).

As his first experience in the field (in Business Intelligence), Olivier worked as a Big Data Analyst using tools such as Hadoop and Spark.

In 2015 the focus changed to traditional data warehousing & reporting using SSIS, SSRS & MicroStrategy. A bit later, around June 2019, the opportunity arose to fill the position of BI Teamlead. In this function he was able to set up a hybrid BI Team (team members in Belgium and Belarus).

Early 2020, Olivier joined the dataMinds crew as a core member, assisting to organise several events.

Around April 2021, Olivier started a new position as BI Teamlead in another Retail Company to support business growth. Besides the challenge to help the BI Team grow and deliver projects on time, he started to use SSAS & Power BI.

When Olivier is not working there is a high chance that you find him on a football field, studying (BI Related), playing music (Saxophone / Piano) or cooking.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft (Azure) Databases
  • Microsoft (Azure) Developer Tools
  • Microsoft (Azure) Data Platform
  • Azure DevOps
  • Tsql
  • SqlServer
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Data Platform
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Data & AI
  • Azure DevOps Pipelines
  • SQL Server Data Tools

Improving Team Collaboration Using Database Projects and Azure DevOps

Having source control in place sounds like the default these days. Although, a lot of companies didn't implement source control yet. This session will guide you how to setup source control step by step, using Database Projects and Azure DevOps.

At the beginning of the session, a couple of use cases will be explained why it is important to use source control within your organization (use cases out of personal experiences). Some examples: deployments take a lot of time, change of priorities, urgent bugfixing, fast growing team perhaps...

During the session the ease of use will become clear and multiple ways how to setup source control will be explained step by step.
Do you want to have everything in source control at once or would you like a phased approach, everything is possible if you know how to start. Principles of Git will be explained shortly.

Near the end of the session, a couple of topics will be covered how to move forward after a successful implementation of database projects and Azure DevOps since this is only the beginning.

At the end of the session you should have a starting position to be able to start your adventure and where you might get to in the end.

Database Deployment Automation using Database Projects & Azure DevOps

You have implemented Database Projects and Azure DevOps for database development successfully in your organization and you want to make your life easier by automating your database deployments? If the answer is yes, this session is for you!

At the beginning of this session, we will do a quick recap of Database Projects and Azure DevOps. Just to make sure that we are all on the same page.

During the session, we will set up an example build and deploy pipeline. Since there are a couple of ways to deploy changes from Azure DevOps to your target database, We will discuss a couple of scenarios and I will show you which method I'm using.

- 1 Pipeline to rule them all
- multi-step deployment

During this session, we will also cover the deployment pipeline differences between SQL Server and AzureSQL.

At the end of this session, you should have all you need to start with database deployment automation.

Migrating from SSRS to Power BI Paginated Reports

Are you wondering how to transition from SSRS to Power BI Paginated Reports?

Since Power BI Paginated Reports became a Power BI Pro feature, Paginated Reports took my attention.

In this session, I will be explaining how to migrate your SSRS reports to Power BI Paginated reports. How to handle subscriptions, timed & data driven subscriptions in Power BI and what the differces are and which alternatives you can use.

During this session will we will be migrating a single SSRS report during a demo and I will be explaining how to migrate multiple SSRS reports at once.

By the end of this session, you will have a great starting point to migrate your SSRS reports to Power BI using several methods. One-by-One, Multiple reports at the same time and how to setup your subscriptions.

Data Saturday Croatia 2024 Sessionize Event Upcoming

June 2024 Zagreb, Croatia

Data Saturday Stockholm 2024 Sessionize Event

May 2024 Solna, Sweden

DataGrillen 2024 Sessionize Event

May 2024 Lingen, Germany

Techorama 2024 Belgium Sessionize Event

May 2024 Antwerpen, Belgium

East Midlands Data | Nottingham

January 2024 Nottingham, United Kingdom

PASS Data Community Summit 2023

Database Projects & Azure DevOps, 101, From Hero to Zero

November 2023 Seattle, Washington, United States

SQL-Friday - Season 7

November 2023

Future Data Driven Summit 2023 Sessionize Event

September 2023

PASSMN Monthly Meeting

Migrating from SQL Server Reporting Services to Power BI Paginated Reports

September 2023

Data Saturday Gothenburg 2023 Sessionize Event

August 2023 Göteborg, Sweden


Getting started with SQL Server Data Tools & Azure DevOps

July 2023

Microsoft Data Platform User Group - Birmingham (Virtual)

Improving Team Collaboration Using Database Projects and Azure DevOps

June 2023 Birmingham, United Kingdom

SQL Saturday New York City 2023 Sessionize Event

May 2023 New York City, New York, United States

Data Saturday Denmark - 2023 Sessionize Event

March 2023 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

SQLSaturday MN 2022 Sessionize Event

December 2022

Data Bristol Meetup

Bristol Data User Group Meetup
When? November 23rd, 2022 at 18h30 GMT
Where? Immersive Labs, 6th Floor, The Programme, All Saints' St, Bristol BS1 2LZ (Registration via Meetup.com required)

November 2022 Bristol, United Kingdom

DataGrillen 2022 Sessionize Event

June 2022 Lingen, Germany

Olivier Van Steenlandt

BI Teamlead @ X²O

Sint-Niklaas, Belgium


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