Paige Watson

Paige Watson

Quality Code Craft and Practice

Seattle, Washington, United States

As an evangelist of XP and Agile work processes, I am ever striving to find better ways to write quality software, in ways that are empowering to developers and companies alike.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • TDD
  • Code Quality
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile Leadership
  • Software Practices

The Problem is the Lie!

Code Katas are great practice, but if you are doing a different Kata problem each time, you're doing it wrong.

Using a different kata problem each time teaches you to "solve problems", which as software developers we do every day.
What you should be practicing is "writing quality code".

The practice of Code Katas can improve code quality, promote team cohesion, foster team growth and organically spread coding standards within a team and an organization.

We will use a code kata to learn how to practice writing well-written code using TDD, following Kent Beck's Four Rules of Simple Design, and focusing on Intentional Practice.

This is a full day workshop that will teach the basics of practicing software development and allow you to grow as a coder. Bring a computer with an IDE. This is a language-agnostic practice and all levels of developers will learn from this workshop.

Creating a Culture of Learning

What percent of the week do you want your teams to spend learning to get better at what they do?

Learning as a team promotes: Team Cohesion, Team Emergence (Rising Tide Effect), Increased Innovation, Team Ownership of Ideas, Psychological Safety, and Increased Productivity

Let's talk about why your team should be learning together and how to make it happen.

"Why pay two developers to do the work of one?" and other XP myths debunked!

How XP practices enable teams to work faster with fewer bugs, and why your company should be embracing them.

Elegant Objects: Practical OOP or Heresy?

"Your code is not Object-Oriented. It's imperative programming in a class wrapper."
A lively discussion on some heretical rules around OOP, and getting to a cleaner, more object-oriented codebase:
- If, no Else
- No Statics
- Never NULL
- Everything is immutable

This talk is based on the book "Elegant Objects" by Yegor Bugayenko.

Paige Watson

Quality Code Craft and Practice

Seattle, Washington, United States