Pål Eie

Pål Eie

Software architect

Stavanger, Norway

Software architect and consultant with 20 years experience. Have had the privilege to work on a broad range of business domains and technologies, including several major system redesigns and on-prem to cloud rewrites. Domain knowledge from oil&gas, reservoir simulation, transportation, lci, medicine, education sector, accounting++

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management

The road to hell is paved with good intentions; going cloud native is one of them

We used to think multitier architecture was the bomb, then we moved to cloud!

Real world experiences and reflections on the challenges going from the safe haven of on-prem n-tier to cloud native.
What have we done of the past few years? Are we balancing the knifes egde, risiking to become the idiots of the future? Or are we even way past that already?

Solving the Gordian knot

If you solved the Gordian knot you became the ruler of Asia. Data synchronization in a distributed cloud system is currently the Gordian knot in the cloud world, if you dont solve this in effective way you will never become the ruler of the cloud.

A deep dive in challenges, possibilities, lessons learned and different technical approaches for data in distributed systems.

Lazyness! This is my manifesto!

Over the years, I have perfected my lazyness! I wish I learned earlier how to, as I would have improved as a professional so much faster!

Some pshychology, some manipulation and some cool techniques.

This is my expriences, reflections and observations on who gets ahead of the game, and why my lazyness was the missing piece when I overdid it on my path to my current success as a respected technical architect in my company.

Ahead of the game. How you become the best developer in your team

Why do some developers stand out from the crowd and become the leading stars in their organizations? What is the difference between them and the rest, and how could you be the one who is ahead of the game?

This talk is on experiences from transforming juniors to bright senior developers and architects through techniques and well proven habits.

The talk will have great value for both junior and seniors

Pål Eie

Software architect

Stavanger, Norway