Pantelis Apostolidis

Pantelis Apostolidis

Azure ninja

Athens, Greece

Passionate about IS technologies, especially Microsoft Azure! Currently a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) & a former Microsoft Most Valuable Professional on Azure (Azure MVP). For the last 15+ years, Pantelis has been involved in major cloud projects in Greece and abroad, helping companies to adopt and deploy cloud technologies, driving business value. Entitled to a lot of Microsoft Expert Certifications, an author, blogger, and acting as a spokesperson for conferences, workshops, and webinars. An active member of several communities like azureheads.gr and autoexec.gr. Connect with me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/papostolidis/

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Azure

Azure Policy, Standardize the Azure Environment

At my session we will explain the tools that Microsoft Azure provides to help the administrators to enforce rules to all subscriptions. Some examples of those rules are to help the organizations to stay compliant with their corporate standards, to standardize the resources creation and management & to manage the permissions and access controls.

Global Azure Bootcamp 2020 | April 25, 2020

Accelerate your web applications with Azure Front Door

User Microsoft's WAN that consists of 100.000 miles of fiber, with more than 150 endpoints all over the world to accelerate & protect your web applications in a consumption based billing system
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6kFJoaEvpk&t=5s

Greek MVPs in Action | March 29, 2020

Microsoft Azure, 0 to Hero


Let's have a Hackathon! | Dec 7, 2018

Clusters In The Cloud

A presentation of the Azure Shared Disks for Failover Clusters. How to create a traditional failover cluster on Azure for SQL FCI, SOFS, RDS UPDs and any service that needs a common high available resource.

Azureheads 23 | Apr 9, 2020

MVP - MSP "experience the community"

Azureheads, Studentguru, Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft Student Partners, η εμπειρία της συμμετοχής σε κοινότητες της πληροφορικής στην Ελλάδα από τους Moderators!

Athens Azure Bootcamp 2019

Govern your Azure environment

Standardize & enforce your company’s Azure Resources configuration, for regulatory compliance, cost control, security & design consistency
Link: https://www.e-apostolidis.gr/microsoft/azure/govern-your-azure-environment/

Athens Azure Bootcamp 2019

Spin up HDInsight clusters on demand for ETL, IoT, Data Science & Machine Learning

Join me to a session full of demo and see how to spin up huge clusters for ETL, IoT, Data Science & Machine Learning using Hadoop, Kafka, ML Services, Spark, Storm and more. Using Microsoft Azure we can automate an HDInsight cluster creation just-in-time to process an input data slice and delete the cluster when the processing is complete. Have an enterprise grade datacenter with unlimited compute power, working for you and pay just for the processing time.
Link: https://www.e-apostolidis.gr/microsoft/azure/spin-up-azure-hdinsight-clusters-on-demand/

Global AI Bootcamp, Athens 2019 | December 15, 2019

Azure PaaS: Elasticity, Resiliency and High Availability for your apps

We will see how to have Resilient and Global Available apps using Microsoft Azure PaaS, that will keep alive even after a full Region failure.
Link: https://www.e-apostolidis.gr/speaking/speaking-at-microsoft-ignite-the-tour-milan-2020/

Microsoft Ignite The Tour, Milan 2020 | Jan 27, 2020
Summer In Greece Festival 2020 | Aug 04 ,2020

Integrate your data to the cloud

πως μπορούμε να μετατρέψουμε τα δεδομένα μας χρησιμοποιώντας το Azure Data Factory και μέσα από αυτό πως μπορούμε να καλέσουμε ένα Azure HDInsights cluster, το οποίο θα δημιουργηθεί on-demand και μόλις θα ολοκληρώσει το έργο που του έχουμε αναθέσει θα διαγραφεί αυτόματα. Επίσης είδαμε πως με το Azure Data Factory μπορούμε να πάρουμε δεδομένα από σχεδόν οποιαδήποτε πηγή, όπου και να βρίσκετε και να τα πάμε επίσης οπουδήποτε. Resources: https://www.e-apostolidis.gr/microsoft/azure/azureheads-15-integrate-your-data-to-the-cloud-meetup-resources/

AZUREHEADS #15 | November 24, 2018

Protect your Web Application with Azure Application Gateway WAF

Προστατέψετε εύκολα και οικονομικά την web εφαρμογή σας με το Azure Application Proxy Web Application Firewall.

8# AzureHeads Meetup | Thursday, October 19, 2017

Azure Hybrid Connections

Azure Hybrid Connections και πώς μπορούμε να συνδέσουμε την Azure Web εφαρμογή μας με τοπικές βάσεις, αποφεύγοντας πολύπλοκες συνδέσεις VPN.

11# AzureHeads meetup | Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Protect your data with a modern backup, archive and disaster recovery solution

Bad things happen, even to good people. Protect yourself and avoid costly business interruptions by implementing a modern backup, archive and disaster recovery strategy. See how you can securely extend your on-premises backup storage and data archive solutions to the cloud to reduce cost and complexity, while achieving efficiency and scalability. Be ready with a business continuity plan that includes disaster recovery of all your major IT systems without the expense of secondary infrastructure. You leave this session with a set of recommended architectures showing how to implement a modern backup, archive and disaster recovery solution and an understanding of how to quickly get something in place in your organization.

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 | April 22, 2017

How to Design Resilient Cloud Solutions

την μέθοδο και τα εργαλεία, που έχουμε στην διάθεσή μας, έτσι ώστε να σχεδιάσουμε και να υλοποιήσουμε μία υποδομή υψηλής διαθεσιμότητας και ανθεκτικότητας στο Azure.

Παρασκευή 19 Απριλίου 2019 Autoexec

Global Azure Greece 2022 Sessionize Event

May 2022 Athens, Greece

Athens AI Bootcamp 2019

Global AI Bootcamp is a free one-day event organized across the world by local communities that are passionate about artificial intelligence on Microsoft Azure.

December 2019 Athens, Greece

ATHENS AZURE BOOTCAMP 2019 Sessionize Event

May 2019 Athens, Greece

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

On April 21, 2018, all communities will come together once again in the fifth great Global Azure Bootcamp event! Each user group will organize their own one day deep dive class on Azure the way they see fit and how it works for their members.

April 2018 Athens, Greece

Pantelis Apostolidis

Azure ninja

Athens, Greece

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