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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Patrick Fuller

Video Marketing Producer, Author, Entrepreneur

My name is Patrick, and this is my Fuller Story.

I recently celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary to the love of my life, Joy. We have two children, Preston (9) and Cassidy (6) and no pets… although let’s be honest, that’ll change! I have a younger sister, Kristin, who is a fantastic aunt and both of my parents are recently retired.

I have a passion for technology that lead me to start my first business, a professional services company focused on providing project management and application development expertise. As the CEO, I knew that focusing on optimizing profitability was important for the longevity of the business, so I developed a software application to make forecasting and scoping our projects much easier and it turned into my second business, a SAAS product.

I knew I had a great solution for professional services firms like ours, but we weren’t sure how to market it effectively. How do we explain the benefits of using business forecasting to people in a Facebook ad? How do we demonstrate how powerful—yet simple—this software is? These were the questions that plagued me. Then the answer became obvious: We needed to make a video that explained why we created this product. In other words, I needed to share my story.

I struggled to find the right partner when it came to video marketing. They were either too expensive, too flaky, couldn’t help me frame out content ideas, didn’t work collaboratively, or it just felt wrong. So, as a problem solver I decided to change that and I’ve spent the last few years becoming an expert is video production, video marketing, and storytelling. Now, I get to be the partner I was looking for all along! I’m so dedicated to helping those like me that I even wrote a book about the video marketing process.

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