Patrick Delancy

Information & Communications Technology

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Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Patrick Delancy

Technical Lead/Architect at DSI

Patrick Delancy has been a passionate software developer since the late 90s. He has worked on a wide range of products, from multi-tier mobile enterprise application platforms to small platform applications and websites and everything in-between. As a family man and a professional developer, he loves to solve difficult problems, and considers himself to be a life-long learner. He only wishes that there were more hours in a day!

Patrick is a full-time employee at DSI in Kansas City, MO, where he is a technical lead and architect for multiple development teams working on the company's flagship product.

As a developer, Patrick is comfortable with all types of languages from LISP and ERLang to Ruby and F#. For most of his professional career, he has focused on C# with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Current sessions

Untangling the Web of SSO

Single sign-on, authentication, authorization, federation, identity providers, SAML, OAuth, OpenID ... who can keep it all straight?!?! You will after this session! This will be a technical exploration of the various technologies and processes that are related to the most common forms of single sign-on used in today's web, desktop and native mobile apps. By the end of this session, you will have a deeper understanding of how some different approaches to SSO work, you will know more about their technical limitations, and you will be better enabled to choose the right one for your application, and implement it securely!

Design Pattern Abuse

There is a right and wrong way to use design patterns. In my experience, this has been a surprisingly controversial topic. Don't believe me? Come with your experiences and opinions. I'll bring mine and we'll have some great conversation. By the end of the session, we should all have a little more respect for how we use and abuse design patterns. In the very least, you'll leave with some interesting anecdotes.

Know Thyself - Workplace Personalities

Highly technical jobs still require interacting with real people, and sometimes people don't make any sense! This session is for anyone that wants to get more from their coworkers and employees. We will get a brief introduction to the "Big 5" personality traits, some tips on how to identify them in yourself and others, and how to use that information to be more successful in dealing with the people in your life.

Learn a Candidate's True Personality in 10 Questions or Less

Hiring good people is hard! There are all kinds of ways to assess someone's technical skills, but when it comes to behavior and personality, we tend to rely on intuition. This session will cover some techniques for exposing a person's true personality quickly. This will include some of the best questions to ask, how to determine if a candidate actually has the skills you need, and even some of the basics of simple lie detection that anyone can do without a machine!

These skills are useful for more than just finding the right candidate or even nailing that interview for your dream job. After this session, you could be on course to improve how deep and honest all of your professional relationships are.