Paul Gower

Paul Gower

Servant Leader, AI Enthusiast, Speaker, Lean-Agile Advocate

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States


Paul Gower is a seasoned software engineer with a history of leadership roles, including serving as a CTO and an Accredited Kanban Trainer. Recognized as a natural leader by his peers, Paul fervently champions the use of AI tools to elevate the capabilities of software engineers, foreseeing AI as an enhanced "hammer," enabling increased efficiency and tackling intricate problems. With a focus on lightening team loads, Paul assists teams in shifting from rigid estimates to approaches that enhance predictability, ensuring they feel less burdened and more in control of their timelines. He's also a fervent advocate for vertically slicing work, allowing teams to get customer feedback swiftly. A frequently invited speaker, Paul is enthusiastic about discussing systems thinking, the lean-agile mindset, and the transformative power of AI in software engineering at conferences across the nation.

Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Agile Lean
  • Kanban
  • agile
  • Agile Leadership
  • human skills
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AI

Redefining Success: Rest, Resilience, and the Great Resignation

New-age software engineers, take note! The era marked by the “Great Resignation” challenges the traditional badges of overwork and stress. As workplaces evolve, so should our understanding of success. This session will unpack the value of rest and flexibility in tech, pushing you to rethink how you approach your early career. Discover the power of true “rest” and its impact on coding, problem-solving, and innovation.

Climbing the Ladder with Balance: Rethinking Overwork in the Era of the Great Resignation

Discover how modern software engineers can ascend their careers inspired by history's greatest minds, who achieved unparalleled feats with an emphasis on "resting." Learn the art of "work-rest" balance in the tech industry, especially in light of the transformative “Great Resignation” era.

Elevate Kanban to the Next Level

Have you ever experienced working on a team that has fully embraced Kanban and worked in a state of flow? You have visualized all of your work on your Kanban board, WIP limits are set based on the team agreement, and all the team members use a pull system to keep work moving across the board. Your team may even be more advanced and doing a great job following the “Stop Starting and Start Finishing” mantra of Kanban. You believe in Kanban and know it works, but you often wonder if there is an even better way. A tool that could help you work in an even better way? What if I told you this tool would also help expose hidden weaknesses in the system you have set up to allow work to flow from concept to delivered value? One that might help you deliver faster and safeguard your company from team members on vacation, sickness, or just the ebb and flow of employee turnover. Too good to be true, eh? Come to my talk and find out!

Rest: It Is Critical to the Health of Your Organization

To reach the top of the career ladder, employees often wear busyness and stress as a badge of honor. Today, many top executives believe that getting to the top of their profession requires long hours, hard work, and sacrificing almost anything if you want to climb to the top. However, as most of the workforce is shifting from baby boomers to Gen X and millennials, work-life balance has become more critical. There’s a disconnect between the old way of overworking to climb the ladder and the new way of creating a balance between work, rest, and flexibility. Since COVID-19, the “Great Resignation” has been a sign to corporations that overwork and stress are no longer a measure of success. More companies are moving to help employees balance work and rest as part of a more significant culture shift. Let's discuss what “rest” really is and how it relates to the work you do every day, along with ways you can help yourself or your team work better by resting more.

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Paul Gower

Servant Leader, AI Enthusiast, Speaker, Lean-Agile Advocate

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States


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