Paul Telkamp

Paul Telkamp

SharePoint Architect

I've been working in SharePoint since 2003 and have gone through just about every version and flavor of SharePoint environments. Just having fun with helping others learn.

Current sessions

Understanding where to start on SharePoint Development

SharePoint development can include a lot of solutions and implementations. The key is understanding how to plan your strategy for development and what it will mean. Single-page apps, web part, app store and other solutions and how to pick the right one. There are many degrees of development and how it can be done.

SharePoint Site Scripts How to get started and whow

Building out SharePoint site in O365 using Site Scripts allows for you to have multiple templates for creating uniform sites analogous to site templates from previous SharePoint versions, with a lot more versatility and less complexity.

Knowledge of JSON and PowerShell will be necessary.

SPFx and Teams Development

SPFx Development is not just for SharePoint. It is the development path for Office 365 including Teams. I will show some examples and how to get started with development.

Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways is a custom learning solution within SharePoint and can be added to Teams as an additional app. This session is for everyone. If you want to see some fun ways to push out training to users or create a central repository of training, this is for you.