Paul Usher

Information & Communications Technology

Business & Management

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Paul Usher

Been there, done that! So much has change in 28 years!

Paul Usher is a Microsoft MVP alumni, and a Technical Evangelist at DevExpress whose technologies help software developers build high-performance business solutions, see complex software with greater clarity, increase productivity, and create stunning applications for Windows® and the Web in the shortest possible time.

Prior to joining DevExpress, Paul ran (and still owns) an independent software development company which specializes in custom solutions for small, medium and large businesses as well as Government departments. With a focus on mobile and paperless solutions he has developed more than 200 commercial applications on Windows, OS X, iOS, and other platforms that are used worldwide covering a wide range of industries from retail, medical, construction, and various service industries. Paul is a published author and speaks at industry events around the world. His blog is available at