Pavan Podila

Pavan Podila

Breath in Data, Breathe out UI

Pavan Podila is a _Frontend_ mentor, speaker and has been building applications since 2001. He is a [Google Developers Expert for Web Technologies and Flutter](

For the past 10+ years he has focused on large scale **Digital Transformation** projects for some of the big names on Wall St. The tech-stack is a mix of **React** {Web, Native}, **Angular** (1.x, 2.x), **Node.js** and a variety of client-side tools and libraries. Some of the recent engagements have included Financial Dashboards, Market-Data Visualizations, Trade Workflows and Mobile transformation projects.

Pavan is a published author of [MobX Quick Start Guide](, [WPF Control Development Unleashed](, was _Microsoft MVP_ for Client App Dev (2008 - 2011) and is the creator of [QuickLens](, a Mac App for UI Designers/Developers. He has written several articles and created videos courses at [Tuts+](

He is also a core-contributor to the MobX project, started the [mobx.dart]( project and generally active on [Github](

When time permits, he blogs at [](, plays Ping Pong and sketches on his iPad Pro.

Current sessions

Reactive State Management in Flutter using MobX.dart

MobX is a popular state-management library for JavaScript UI frameworks like React. The popularity comes from its power and simplicity. MobX.dart is a port of MobX to the Dart and Flutter platforms, bringing in the same levels of power and productivity.

Using the core building blocks of MobX: observables, actions and reactions, you can model a variety of UI scenarios from simple to the extremely complex. This session introduces the core building blocks and shows how you can use MobX.dart for building your Flutter apps. It will progress through a set of increasingly complex examples demonstrating the MobX API. By the end of it, you will have enough knowledge to kick start you own Flutter apps using MobX as the underlying state-management solution.