Pawel Piwosz

Pawel Piwosz

DevOps in Agile way

Kraków, Poland


DevOps Institute Ambassador. CD.Foundation Ambassador. AWS Community Builder.
Engineer, leader, mentor, speaker.

My focus is on CALMS. I am building better understanding of DevOps as driver for the organization.

I am devoted to Serverless and CI/CD. I authored the framework for design the CI/CD: https://www.cicd.run/

Host of Last Week In IT and DevOps In Agile Way podcasts, and DevOps In Agile Way Youtube channel.

Area of Expertise

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  • AWS
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Riding a DevOps bike

Riding a bike at night when it’s raining is like… DevOps. Everything is different (it is even more valid, when you wear glasses, like me). You know the rules, but those rules are applied differently. You need to automate your reactions. You need to proactively predict what will happen. You need to redefine the “I did it this way” approach To “I need To be sure it will work in every condition” way. Your “pipeline” must cover not only the current state, but prepare you and help you in next steps. Clear sky and rainy night - two different worlds, like manual approach to everything vs full automation.

This talk is not technical. It is a story about the role of DevOps mindset in the organizations.

CI/CD for AWS Lambda functions

Let's create a CI/CD pipeline for Python Lambda function, using AWS toolset.
During the presentation we will learn what really is CI/CD, and how to design simple, yet functional pipeline on AWS using... CloudFormation!

Test your infrastructure!

We are testing everything. We are so devoted to test that we even invented “DevTestOps”. And then… Yes… What about our Infrastructure as a Code templates? How many times did you run your template again and again, fix issues, run again, fix issues… This is very common, we all have to admit it. But no worries! Let me show you how CloudFormation templates can be tested; how to be sure that code committed to the repository will be properly prepared and ready to execute!

What is wrong with Dev*Ops?

More than 10 years ago we developed the term DevOps. Today, we see many differend mutations like DevSecOps, DevQaOps, DevTestOps, and even more.

Are those names valid? Mean something? Do those terms really fit the DevOps culture? How much of Agile is in DevOps today? Let’s find out!

If this topic is controversial for you, then good! Let’s think, discuss, if this is the direction of DevOps culture, of DevOps movement. I will present my opinion during the talk. This opinion is formed on observations, not only through companies I used to work with, but also through market analysis and discussions.

DevOps - team member, or superhero?

Developers Team in blue corner. DevOps in red corner. The fight begin in…

No. Nightmare scenario (but can be found on the market). Let’s discuss couple of things, then.

How the cooperation between Agile team and Devops people should look? What patterns we can see?

Is it really the cooperation, or competition? Or maybe we shouldn’t have the segregation of duty, as we are Agile?

I’d like to share my thoughts based on observations of many Agile and DevOps teams. What works. What is not. And why. How we should create the competences inside the teams.

DevSecOps and Infrastructure as Code. Can they work together?

"I hate DevOps, you are not thinking about security!" This is a real quote. Let's try to prove it is not the truth!
Infrastructure as Code is one of the pillars of "best practices" in DevOps world now. It is more and more popular to use it through CI/CD pipelines, but... what about security? Do we really care about it?
In this talk we will explore a few Terraform scanners and we will try to answer to one question: are these tools good enough to be security scanners of Infrastructure as code?

Should I enforce security for Infrastructure as Code?

“DevOps is about propagate error to all environments automatically”

DevOps world cannot live without Infrastructure as Code today. We have multiple tools, more and more of projects are fully automated. But there is one but important catch. What if… something is misconfigured? How it will impact the infrastructure, platform, application? And how to not react, but prevent these problems?

During this talk we will explore the threads and solution which should be implemented and enforced by leaders in the organizations.

How to deploy Python Lambda function using AWS stack only?

Let’s have a challenge. Is it possible to use the AWS tooling only to deploy Lambda function? During this hands-on talk we will check it! Using CloudFormation we will create CodePipeline which will deploy Lambda using… CloudFormation! Is this stack and approach reliable? Is it a good choice when designing CI/CD for the project? Let’s figure it out.

More than half of this talk we will spend on VSCode, AWS console and CLI. You will be able to feel the work of DevOps!

1h long 50% hands-on session. Access to the internet (in case of in-person sessions). This session was delivered a couple of times, but topic is important and misunderstand enough to deliver it again and again, to make sure that DevOps people (and not only them!) understand correctly what CI/CD is.

Do you understand DevOps?

DevOps is everywhere. But.. do we really understand the DevOps work? How we measure DevOps success? How we can be sure, that we do things well?

If you ever thought about it and didn't find satisfactory answers... This talk is for you! Based on CALMS we will go through potential measurements of DevOps success and impact on the organization culture.

Use the Observability, Luke!

How well do you know what is going on with your application? I bet you wish to improve your understanding of the behavior, performance, error handling... The days of having "printf" (or whatever your language has) are over.

During this talk we will learn what Structured Logs are and how Observability (but not as a buzzword!) can help you to achieve a better understanding of your application.
On the AWS Lambda with Python code example, we will see how to instrument the functions and what services we should involve into Observability.

Plan CI/CD on the Enterprise level!

CI/CD seems to be simple. But let's take a step back, and look at it from a helicopter view.
Let's think about the design CI/CD processes for the project, team, even organization. Let's go through "architecture of CI/CD". What areas should we cover? How to talk with Stakeholders about CI/CD when we design the bloodstream of DevOps driven Organization?

Never stop learning, start teaching!

Let me tell you a story about the journey through the whole circle. From being fresh 25 years ago, to teach, mentor and coach these, who are in this place right now.

How to find the motivation? How to find style? How to not be afraid of fail? And finally, how to realize "yes, it is the time when I can and I want to teach others!".

During this story I share not only how I get to this point in my career, but also how I build the entire "DevOps Academy" program around Cloud, AWS, of course!

AWS Cloud Map as communication pattern for microservices

So, you decided to use microservices instead of monolith. Good for you! But quickly you realized that it is a little bit more complicated than you expected.

How to ensure the communication between microservices? Let us talk about the AWS service which can be introduced as a communication pattern and it is easy to start and not expensive at the same time. What can be better?

The service we explore during the talk is AWS Cloud Map. What is it? How does it work? How to implement it in our infrastructure? Join me during the session and find out!

Build the culture of Observability today!

Observability is not just a buzzword. But if we do not build it into the culture of our work, it becomes "fancy monitoring" only.
What we, as leaders, drivers of the Organizations, should do to explore and use the full power of Observability? Let's find out!

SBOM and IaC. Is it possible? Is it worth?

We codify our infrastructure. We put a lot of effort to make it secure, robust and repeatable. At least, I hope we do... But what about SBOM?
So, here we are. Is there a way to generate SBOM for IaC? And what next?
Let's find out!

Forget about Ansible and Packer! Automate your VMs with AWS Image Builder

Yes, I know. Microservices are almost passe, Serverless rules, so why anyone wants to hear about the approach from Middleages - virtual machines?

Well, on the beginning of this talk I'll tell you why this thinking is terribly wrong. And I will give you the examples!

After this intro, we will go deep into the automated way of baking EC2 instances, but we will use AWS tooling for it. Except two things - Terraform to configure the service and Spacelift to deploy the solution.

Join me and learn, if AWS Image Builder is better than well known approach with Ansible and Packer!

Microinfrastructure - the new way to design infrastructure

We use microservices for years now. Microfrontends - the new concept - is more and more popular. But what with infrastructure? And Infrastructure as Code? How well the "old" approach to infrastructure works in the world of distributed systems, quick changes and continuous delivery?
In this talk we go through a new concept which I called microinfrastructure. Is there a space for it?

Pawel Piwosz

DevOps in Agile way

Kraków, Poland


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