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Patrick El-Azem

Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. Founder and Organizer of CloudNH Meetup.

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More AI for your app - still no PhD needed!

UPDATE: in the spirit of openness, you can review the deck for this session in advance and make sure it will be valuable/interesting to you! My deck is at
Do you have millions of dollars and a team of PhD data scientists and AI experts available? If not, read on! (Well, read on either way)

Are you hearing "AI" everywhere? Yes, it's a buzzword, but there is also real value for your apps and customers that you can create using AI. And now that specific AI use cases are being enabled with PaaS/SaaS AI services, these capabilities are within reach of almost any developer!

In this session, we'll cover three specific scenarios, how some of the newest Azure AI Cognitive Services enable them, and look at demos and sample code.

First, we'll look at a typical organizational process like expense reports. We'll discuss opportunities for automation and AI in this process, then look at a specific Azure AI service and see how to implement it, including looking at sample output data.

Second, we'll look at a common capability on many web sites and apps, namely "you might also like" recommendations. We'll discuss the area of AI that underlies capabilities like this, then look at another specific Azure AI service and code to implement this more advanced scenario.

Third, we'll look at how to do smarter image (or video) analysis in monitoring/alerting situations. Lots of surveillance cameras overload you with alerts; what if you could make this smarter, and only get alerted for events that matter? We'll look at how to differentiate between predators and non-predators in an agricultural/livestock context.

The takeaways will be: understand how to articulate and implement AI-enabled use cases; understand Azure AI services and what problems they solve; deck and demo code for the scenarios.

Add AI to your App today!

Are you a developer curious about Artificial Intelligence (neural networks, image recognition, speech recognition, sentiment detection, language understanding, text analytics, and more)? Do you have ideas for how AI could augment your app's capabilities - or supercharge that business idea? Are you wondering how to start and worried that you don't have the math to write deep neural networks?

Not to worry! Come to this talk to find out how to use pre-trained AI services from Microsoft Azure to quickly add advanced intelligence to your apps. We'll review the Azure AI services, look at code samples and demos, and show you how to build AI into your app in hours or days - not months!

As long as you have general dev skills, you don't need to know anything about AI to benefit from this session and start right away. You'll also learn about Azure in general and come away with a set of learning resources and next steps. This will be a very fast-paced session, so come prepared to learn!

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Granite State Code Camp 2019

2 Nov 2019
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

Granite State Code Camp 2018

3 Nov 2018
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States